Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Beginning

I have decided to set up my very own blog. Yes, I've been blogging before this but they are not my personal blogs. They belong to my late mother and I share one with my hubby (this one is kinda like a photo blog). So here goes my very first post...

Today is the first day I'm back in office after a long maternity leave. I was not looking forward to this day at all. Have been dreading it since I finished my confinement. What to do? With a baby in the family, I have to work even harder now. I left my little dear baby with my Aunt. I do not trust strangers especially after what's happening now with all the child abuse and kidnapping cases. Alhamdulillah, my Aunt is willing to take care of her grand daughter and she lives quite near to us. On my way to the office this morning, I dropped Kaisara around 7.45am, had a chat with Aunty and left her house around 8.15am and reached office at 8.47am.

I'm not so worried because I left Kaisara in good trusting hands. I'm grateful to have an Aunt who's willing to take care of Kaisara. She's the next closest relative I have after my late mother. In fact, Aunty even took care of Sheena, my little sister when she was small. So, around 12.30pm, I WhatsApp'ed Aunty and asked her what was Kaisara doing and was she behaving well. Aunty replied, she's ok and she followed Aunty to fetch Kutik (Uncle Kutik to Kaisara) from school. Kaisara loves to travel. Even if it's a short drive. She enjoys it very much.

It's almost 2pm now and I have about 3 hours to go before I fetch my dear Kaisara. Am missing her to bits and can't wait to see her. Kaisara Sayang, tunggu Mama ye. Petang nanti kite jumpe. Mama sayang Kaisara so so much. Mmuuuuuaaaah!

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