Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Weekend Getaway

And so the weekend begins on a good note. I woke up early around 7.30am, got myself and Kaisara ready, hubby was all set too and we left the house around 8.15am. Our first stop was Poslaju at Bangi, they delivered something for me the day before but I was at work so we went there to pick up my stuff. Then we exited Kajang and made it on the highway all the way to the Tangkak exit.

Our second stop was the R&R Seremban where we had breakfast or rather where hubby bought breakfast actually. It took him a while because there was only one counter opened at KFC. What a lousy service to start the school holidays! Then we filled the car with petrol and I drove until Hentian Senawang while hubby had his breakfast first.

Exited Tangkak and it was almost noon. We went straight to my colleague's wedding, Mimi at Kampung Durian Chondong, Bukit Kepong. Had lunch and a quick snap with Mimi. We couldn't stay for her Majlis Persandingan as we needed to rush to Melaka to check in at our hotel.

Congratulations to Mimi and Izwan on their wedding

And off to the hotel we went. Got there around 4pm and guess what? Our room was still not ready! What a disappointment. We had to wait around 20 minutes in the lobby until the receptionist told us that our room was ready and whether we would like a baby cot. Of course we would like one! If not, where would Kaisara be sleeping?

Took our bags from the car and entered our room. It was like a one-bedroom apartment. The only thing that I didn't like was the fact that there was 2 single beds as I had requested a queen sized bed during the online booking.

The bedroom 

The bathroom 

The living room 

Another view of the living room 

The dinner table and kitchen 

The kitchen 

The dressing table

We quickly showered and went to Mahkota Parade. I paid my cellphone bill there, got some Pearl Milk Tea, bought Kaisara's milk at Giant, decided not to buy a rocking sheep for Kaisara and left Mahkota Parade around 7pm and made our way to Umbai Ikan Bakar.

Arrived at Umbai and it was time for Maghrib prayers. Hubby called Abah (Kaisara's Atok) and he informed us our table number. This is the first time Kaisara met her Atok. He was so happy to see her.

 Kaisara and her Atok

Aunty wants to hold Kaisara 

Kaisara and her Aunties

Had steamed and roasted Jenahak, Black Pepper Crab, Fried Giant Prawns, Sweet and Sour Bawal, Nasi Lemak, Fried Squid and Apple Juice. What a mouthful! Our stomach was full in an instant. Bought some Cencalok for Aunty and my sister and left Umbai around 9.30pm.

Kaisara's cot was already in the room when we got back to our hotel. Managed to snap some pictures of her in her crib before she fell asleep.

Here's one photo of Kaisara

All in all it was a fun and tiring day. Went to bed early around 11pm and had a really good sleep that night.

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