Wednesday, 6 June 2012

I've Decided to Change

Okay, so yesterday I was getting ready for work. I've been having trouble wearing my hijab lately. I have no idea why. I told hubby I wanted to wear my hijab differently and this was how our conversation went:

Hubby: Nak pakai lain macam mane?
Me: Nak cover bahagian yang I patut cover.
Hubby: Nape?
Me: Sebab I sayang you. I nak jaga aurat I.
Hubby: Tau pon!

Okay, his last answer smacked me right on the face or cheek to be precise. All this while I've been wearing my hijab the way I usually do and he said nothing but only now he made such remarks. So, I was left wondering to myself...why didn't hubby at least tegur me on how I dress myself. Was it because he didn't want to hurt my feelings or was it because of something else?

So, I came to my senses and decided that I want to wear my hijab differently as in covering what I should cover and dress myself appropriately after this, InsyaAllah. Realizing this at my age now got me to think why only now have I decided to change? Why didn't it came sooner? Maybe I'm getting wiser as I grow older.

Yesterday, almost one whole day at the office I 'Googled' different ways to wear hijabs. And found two that I think are most simple and relevant to me. I decided to style my hijab based on one of them.

I really hope my efforts in deciding to change and improve myself will make me a better Muslim, wife, mother, daughter, sister and human being.

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