Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Day I Gave Birth to Kaisara Lily


I was wondering what to blog about today and the only thing that came across my mind was maybe I should blog about the day when Kaisara was born. Ok, first things first...Kaisara was expected to arrive on 13th February 2012, one day after hubby's birthday. However, she decided to stay a little bit longer in my tummy. I had no choice but to be induced.

Hubby and I went for my final appointment on the 21st February 2012. I weighed 62kg. I felt huge but everybody kept saying that I have a small tummy and I looked as if I have about three to four months to go before my due date. Okay, so the doctor performed an ultrasound test on my tummy and one thing that got him worried was that the amniotic fluid was decreasing, meaning that my dear Kaisara have been swallowing it for Allah knows how many days. He also checked my opening and it was about 1cm wide.

The doc decided that I should be admitted and induced. I was so not ready to be induced. I haven't done much reading or research about it, so I got a little bit worried. Hubby and I decided to settle down in a family room which was quite comfortable and spacious. Hubby went to a cafe nearby to get some lunch for us both as I've just missed the lunch time at the hospital. Around 3pm, the nurses came in to administer some medication to speed up the opening of my  cervix. I felt no pain whatsoever.

Two hours later, the doc came into my room. He said he wanted to break my water bag. I was like, "Ok, go ahead". The water that flushed out was green in colour. Meaning that my dear Kaisara was already pooping in there and might have swallowed some of her poop. Later, contractions started to kick in. I was so not ready for this at all. It came about every 15-20 minutes and I was in real pain that I could not bear. I asked hubby to call in the nurse because I wanted some painkillers.

The only painkiller that she offered was in the form of an injection. I also didn't do any research on painkillers during contractions or labour so I didn't know how much of my pain would be eased. We decided just to go ahead with the injection. At around 7-9pm, the pain got worse and contractions was occurring every 5-10minutes. The painkiller did not help at all. The nurse came to check my opening and it was about 4cm wide.

I didn't know what to do except to zikir and selawat most of the time. The pain got even worst and I could not take it any more. I requested the nurse to come and check my opening again at 11pm and I was about 5cm wide open. She decided that it was time that I should enter the labour room. Went there using a wheelchair and lied down on the bed. I was having difficulty to control my breathing, until another nurse came in and taught me how to breathe properly to ease the pain. We did not attend any antenatal class because the hospital didn't have one when I was 7-8 months pregnant.

I asked hubby to call in the nurse to check my opening every hour and it was open for another cm. By 1am 22nd February 2012, the opening was 8cm wide. By 1.30am I could not take it any more and felt the urge to push. The nurses quickly called the doc. There were three nurses altogether in the room and my hubby was holding my head. All this time in the labour room from 11am, my left hand was cramp. I could not feel anything on my left hand even though hubby had massaged it several times. This continued until I wanted to push. A trained mid wife got up near my bed ready to press down on my tummy, another two nurses were assisting the doc. I heard the doc cut me open down there using a pair of scissors. It was pain that I could bear. The doc told me to push. I pushed with all my might but nothing came out. I was drained of energy because the painkiller that I got earlier only started to kick in and I felt drowsy and sleepy.

I pushed for the second, third and fourth time until the doc decided to use the vacuum. Kaisara's head was already there but I had no energy left to give a big push. The doc attached the vacuum to Kaisara's head and switched it on but the vacuum got disconnected from her head and he tried it again for the second time. This time I was told to give the biggest push that I could as if I was mad at somebody. I gave it all and the vacuum helped too. Kaisara was safely delivered at 1.59am. She did not cry. She was taken to the paeds immediately because they wanted to check if everything was okay. I only saw her back and her cute bum bum. All I could say at that time was Allhuakhbar and Alhamdulillah.

I thought I was done. But not yet, I had to be stitched up. Again, this was pain that I could bear. All done, I was lying there sleeping until 4 am and was sent to my room later. I found hubby sleeping on the couch. Around 4.30am the peads came and talked to my hubby. Kaisara was having difficulty to breathe on her own, she was given oxygen in a certain quantity. Apart from that, she was okay. She weighed 2.6kg. That morning around 9am, hubby went to check up on Kaisara and she was doing okay with the help of the oxygen. I managed to see Kaisara for the first time that afternoon. She looked small and tired. She was happily sleeping.

The following day, Kaisara could breathe on her own and I felt relieved. Syukur, Alhamdulillah. I was discharged on the 24th February 2012 and went straight to my Aunty's house to get my post-labour massage. All in all, it was a wonderful experience. It's something I treasure. The feeling of bringing a little person into this world is indescribable. You'll know it when you experience it. I thank Allah for blessing hubby and I with our dear Kaisara Lily. Papa and Mama love you very very much Kaisara Lily and we hope that you grow up to be a very good person and you'll make us proud, InsyaAllah.

This is the latest picture of our dear Kaisara Lily.
She will be 4 months old tomorrow.

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