Tuesday, 12 June 2012

To Roll or Not to Roll

Okay, so this happened to me last week. I'm not sure it happened on what day exactly. I was driving home from work that day and arrived at a T-junction with a traffic light. Before this, I had noticed a guy riding a motorcycle very slowly as if he was lazy to ride it. Now, back at the T-junction, my car was the first in line. I noticed from the left side mirror that the motorcycle was slowing down next to my car window.

There were other cars on my right and behind me too. That was a relief. Okay, so the guy knocked on my car window about three times. At this moment, my mind was thinking what should I do? I looked at the guy's face really carefully. He looked young, like a student. I thought to myself should I roll down the window or not. If I did roll down the window and the guy was a mean person, he could've done something really really bad to me. If I didn't roll down the window and the guy was merely asking for directions, it shows that I'm not a very helpful person.

In my heart, I was trying to decide whether or not to roll down my window. Seeing the cars around me made me feel a little bit safe. So, I decided to roll down the window by only two inches. The guy was asking for directions to KL and whether he should turn left or right at the T-junction. I told him to go right and follow the signboards. He said thank you and I quickly rolled up my window and drove off as the light had turned green.

Okay, this was something I really had to share with all of you. Being Malaysians, we would like to help people as much as possible but sometimes what we intend to do doesn't turn out the way it should be. In my case, Alhamdulillah. It did turn out okay and I was not in danger. But what could have happened to me if that guy was a really mean or bad person. I don't think I'll be here telling you about it. 

People like to say kalau tak tolong, dia kata kita sombong tapi kalau kita tolong, nanti apa-apa jadi pada kita kan susah (if you don't help somebody, that person will say that you're arrogant, but if you do help them, later you might be in trouble). So, doesn't it make you feel serba salah (guilty)? In my situation, I decided to trust my guts and just prayed to Allah that I would not be put in danger. What would you do if you were in my situation at that moment? 

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