Monday, 4 June 2012

What A Weekend!

Last weekend, there was not much family activities. Lets see, on Saturday my sister moved to another house which she recently purchased with her hubby and on Sunday, well hubby went for his paintball training session. So I woke up early on Saturday around 6am, made Fried Rice, fried a pack of Chicken Nuggets, got everything ready (paper plates, cups, cutleries and drinks) and woke hubby and Kaisara up for them to get ready.

We left the house around 8.45am and made our way to my sister's house in Setiawangsa. My sister and her son, Adel were waiting for us and Adel a.k.a. Shubi was busy watching Dibo The Gift Dragon. It was expected that the lorry should be arriving at 10am to start loading stuff from the old house. However, the lorry arrived rather late around 12pm. And only the big sized furnitures could fit into the lorry. My hubby, BIL and his brother had to run back and forth twice to collect all the boxes full of books and pots and pans.

It was around 3.45pm that everything was settled. My sister decided to go back to the old house and clean it up a bit. So, hubby and I stayed at her new house to babysit Shubi. Shubi was sleeping and woke up when my sister and BIL arrived. Shubi was so shocked to see that he was left behind by his parents while he was sleeping. He cried his lungs out, pity the little fella. Kaisara woke up around that time too and requested for milk as she was very hungry. We left my sister's house around 6pm and got home to clean up ourselves before we head back out for dinner.

On Sunday, hubby attended his paintball training session at Cyberjaya Community Sports Complex. It was almost a day of training and Kaisara and myself got really really bored. Reached home around 6pm and bathed Kaisara, had dinner and spent the night resting at home and watched an episode of CSI Season 12.

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