Wednesday, 4 July 2012

How to Wear Your PB Corset?

This is how you wear your Premium Beautiful corset:

Step #1:
Put on the Long Girdle

1. First, fold the girdle long length in two halves, fold the edges legs of the girdle once.

2. Pull the girdle up through your legs carefully. Nails that are too long or by pulling too hard can easily damage the fabric and reduce its function.

3. Upon wearing, hold the girdle with one hand on the outside for support while reaching the other hand inside of the girdle to lift up the bulges in the flesh. The bulges on the inside of the thigh should be pushed toward the back and lifted up.

4. Lightly adjust the front and back levels of the girdle to waist line.

Step #2:
Put on the Long Bra

1. Bend your waist at a 45° angle with your body inclined downwards. Put on the garment from the bottom up with both hands holding the lower side of the cups. Place your breast inside the cups.

2. Maintaining the same position, move your hands to the back and hook up the back hooks. Ensure that the straps are located firmly on the shoulder blades.

3. Straighten your body. Hold your left breast with your left hand, place your right hand to the left side of your back. Push extra flesh into the breast cup. Quickly move your left hand upwards to hold the strap adjuster and tighten your strap line with your right hand. Make sure that the breast point is in the centre of the cup, comfortably resting at the front centre.

4. Move your arms and shoulders up and down to make sure that the side line below the cup does not move about.

Step #3:
Put on the Waist Nipper

1. Bring the hooks of the waist nipper to the left front of your waist; hook up from the bottom, ensuring that the top edge is right below the edge of the bra.

2. Make sure that the centre of the waist nipper is in line with the centre of the bra.

3. Pull the strings properly while adjusting the tightness.

4. Cross over the strings at the back, hold your breath, and pull the strings and bring the hooks to the front of your tummy and hook up.

5. The string in the holes must be in line with your spine.

Note: After having a meal, you need to readjust once more. Upon being fully dressed, twist and turn your body a little to ensure that you are comfortable.

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