Wednesday, 11 July 2012

My 1st PB Encounter


To tell you the truth, when I met Sofiah for the first time to ask about this business and the corset, I had no idea how the Premium Beautiful corset looked like and the type of materials used to make it. I just know that it's a corset for health and beauty purposes. Sofiah brought along a sample and showed me. Out of the three piece corset, she showed me the Waist Nipper.

Looking and touching the Waist Nipper reminded me of my late mother. It made sense to me that I have actually seen this corset before, a long long time ago. Back then, when I was young (roughly early 20s) I've always helped my late mother to wear her corset every morning. There was this one particular corset in black that had a small diamond on the bra and bengkung. I noticed this every time I helped her to hook the bra and waist nipper.

Only now, I've realized that my late mother have been wearing Premium Beautiful corset all along. And now I'm wearing and even selling it! Like mother like daughter. Oh, how I miss those days of helping her to wear her corset. If she was still here, I could have told her that I'm wearing the same corset too. I miss her so much.

To all you daughters out there, please appreciate your mother while she's still here with you. Why not get her a Premium Beautiful corset not only as a gift but also to show her that you care about her and your love for her is infinite. I would've have given my mother another new Premium Beautiful corset set so that she can easily rotate them.

P.S. Since Ramadan and Syawal is just around the corner, I'm selling this Premium Beautiful corset at a SPECIAL PRICE. For more info, you can call, text, email, pm or tweet me. Quick! Don't miss out on this promo!

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