Sunday, 8 July 2012

Pengat Durian


Today's post will be a food entry or should I say a recipe. Just thought of sharing this Pengat Durian recipe with all of you out there. Pengat Durian is hubby's all time favourite dish. He calls it Santan Durian, I don't know why. Here's a step-by-step recipe of making Pengat Durian that serves 6-8pax. Good Luck!

1. Ingredients

Durian, gula melaka, daun pandan, santan, gula kasar/gula pasir (whatever gula you have with you at the moment), air masak, garam

2. Prepare a big pot and put all of the ingredients in except for the durians

Add in two (2) boxes of santan into the pot

Pour in air masak (this is totally up to you, kalau nak kuah banyak, tuang air banyak, kalau nak sikit, tuang sikit je)

Put in two (2) cylinders of gula melaka

Add in gula kasar/gula pasir as much as you like (I suggest not too much, if not it'll be too sweet)

Add in a little bit of salt

Tie two (2) pieces of daun pandan into a knot and put it into the pot

Turn on the heat on medium and stir slowly until the colour turns sorta brownish

Like this colour here

3. Durian time

Add in the durians

Here I used about six (6) packets of durians

Keep stirring slowly and let it thickens

The end result should look like this

4. Eating time

As usual, hubby becomes the food tester =) licin habis

You can even add kacang hijau yang dah direbus at the very beginning of the recipe to spice up your Pengat Durian. Me, I'm not such a big fan of kacang hijau.

All in all, hubby kata sedap, manis dia pon okay...tak manis sangat. Thumbs up! Yeay! Till my next post, insyAllah will update more on food recipe in the nearest future.

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