Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Premium Beautiful Corset is for Everyone


You might wonder who can actually wear this miracle corset. The answer is simple. Everyone! The most popular Premium Beautiful (PB) users are:

1) Brides-to-be

If you wish to look beautiful and feel good on your big day, PB is definitely for you. It accentuates and compliments your body as your curves are all in the right places. You'll end up having a knock-out body that you've been dreaming of.

2) Mothers-to-be

No, you cannot wear your PB while you're pregnant. However, you can purchase it as a preparation for your confinement. There's no need to wear the traditional corset (bengkung) where you end up having trouble when going to the toilet.

3) Mothers in confinement

You may not have the opportunity to purchase PB when you're pregnant, it's okay. You can purchase it when you're in confinement. Now is the best time than ever to wear your PB.

4) Women suffering from period pain, slip disc, fibroid, cyst etc

If you suffer from period pain, slip disc, fibroid, cyst etc, PB is perfect for you. It helps to regulate period flow and eliminate period pain as well as reduce back pain.

5) Women who consider health and beauty as a priority

I'm sure all the single and married ladies out there consider health and beauty as a priority. You want to look and feel good inside and out. As for married ones, you can ask your hubby to get PB for you as a gift, it'll be great.

6) Men who want to look slimmer, yes....MEN

Please take note that men can only wear the Waist Nipper out of the three piece corset. It can help to tighten the tummy and slims down the body.

So, what are you waiting for? Feel free to contact me and ask any questions regarding the PB corset.

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