Thursday, 5 July 2012

You've Seen Me Before


Yesterday, my department had a small seminar where department staffs have the opportunity to present their research paper to the members of the faculty. I decided to attend this seminar to show support for my colleague and to gain knowledge. As usual, it should have started at 11.30am, but 'Janji Melayu' is always present in everyday life. The Chairman of the seminar was running late too.

The seminar only started at 11.50am. The presenter presented her research and she was done around 12.20pm. During her presentation, a few more department members entered the room. And my boss who came in a bit late was also there too. The seminar ended up with a Q&A session as a VIVA preparation for the presenter. InsyaAllah, she will do well in her upcoming VIVA. Good luck!

Later, there were some lunch prepared for us just outside the room. And by lunch, I meant Mee Hoon Goreng, Kuih Tradisional, Teh Tarik and Teh 'O' Panas. Okay, so no need to go out and get lunch, I can have it here. Yeay! I took my plate of Mee Hoon Goreng and a cup of tea inside the room where I can eat properly. 

Before I started to eat, my boss turned and asked me a few questions. Here's how the conversation sorta went:

Boss: How come I macam tak pernah nampak you kat Jabatan eh?
Me: Kan ari tu saya ade datang jumpe Dr. Masa tu I told you that I just got back from my maternity leave. (Rasa cam sedih sebab bos sendiri pon tak ingat yang kite ni penah dtg jumpe dia)
Boss: Ooowwh, yes...a'ah. So skrang you buat ape eh?
Me: I tengah tunggu my final results for my master and tengah nak buat proposal for my PhD.
Boss: Oowh, okay. Master you buat ape eh?
Me: Master in Forensic Accounting and Financial Criminology.
Colleague: Wow! Master in Forensic Accounting. Nanti dah ade ilmu tu, jgn la lari pegi tempat lain eh?
Me: InsyaAllah tak kot.
Boss: So you PhD nak buat kat mana? Local?
Me: Maybe U.S. kot, klau tak dapat...local je la.
Boss: Ade halangan ke you nak pegi oversea?
Me: ........................................................................

My last answer is kinda really really personal, sorry that I could not publish it here. The gist of the story is that I'm kinda sad that my boss doesn't remember me when in fact he has seen me before. I felt awkward. My presence here is not noticeable by my NEW boss. Oh, yes...let me emphasize NEW. The previous one who knows me quite well made a career advancement elsewhere.

I guess I have to make my presence more noticeable in this faculty, especially in the department. If not, I'm just a nobody.

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