Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Empat Raya


"Raya tahun ni balik mana?" This is the question that is usually asked the most before Ramadan even begins. I'm sure all of you are familiar with this question, either you are the ones that asked or even answered it. Some people have difficulty determining where to head back for Raya. I guess I fall into the same category more or less, but mine is with a twist.

Hubs and I come from about the same family background. Both our parents are separated when we were in our teenage years and at least one or our parents remarried. Since we got married in 2008, we started to celebrate Raya as a married couple officially in 2009.

Usually there are four kampungs to head back to. They are in Kuala Pilah and Rembau in Negeri Sembilan, Pekan in Pahang and Melaka. Have your heard of the movie Four Christmases that stars Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn? Well, mine and hubs version is called 'Empat Raya'! :D

Kuala Pilah and Rembau is both mine and hubs side. Hubs grandparents stay in Kuala Pilah and we will usually arrive there on the morning of first Syawal after we have visited my late mother. Rembau on the other hand is my late mother's side. The town 'Kota' to  be specific or should I say "Ghoto"? That's how the Negori's pronounce it. I usually visit my great grandparents and my grandmother's sister in Kota. This year, we wil visit only my grandmother's sister as my great grandparents have passed away last year. We would usually visit 'Grandma Cik' on the third or fourth of Syawal.

On the second day of Syawal, usually after breakfast, we will head to Pekan in Pahang. This is my dad's side. They always plan a barbecue on the second night of Syawal. But this year, we will have a Kenduri Doa Selamat and Akikah for Kaisara. While the next day, my Aunt will be getting married. I'm so excited. It's going to be a havoc Raya this time around!

Melaka is where hub's father resides. We will usually go back to Melaka the following weekend of Syawal. Will go there in the morning and return home late evening. If we have time, we would make a shopping stop in Melaka town.

In conclusion, this is how our planned Raya journey will look like this year:

Home (1st Syawal) --> Visit my late mother (1st Syawal) -->  Kuala Pilah (1st Syawal) --> Pekan (2nd & 3rd Syawal) --> Rembau (4th Syawal) --> Home (4th Syawal)


Home (7th Syawal) --> Bukit Beruntung (7th Syawal) --> Home (7th Syawal)
Bukit Beruntung is my step father's side.


Home (14th Syawal) --> Melaka (14th Syawal) --> Home (15th Syawal)
Why 14th? Because we will be attending a cousin's wedding in Melaka and probably spend the night there, insyaAllah :)

If you think you have a harder schedule to arrange for Raya, I don't envy you. Hehe =)

Please, please, please don't argue with your spouse as where you will be heading back to for Raya. Be considerate of each other, work out a schedule that is fair and just to you and your family. Then maybe next year, you can rotate it.

Till my next post, drive safely during the festive season. You wouldn't want to end up as a part of a road statistics.

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