Thursday, 30 August 2012

Iftar with The Family


Sorry for the long silence. I have not been very well these past three days, all thanks to Raya celebration here and there and also the weather. I have been meaning to blog about this Iftar that I had with my family but unfortunately, the only time I have to blog about it is NOW. Again, sorry for the delay and all. InsyaAllah, more posts on Raya celebrations will be coming soon.

We had a family Iftar on Saturday 11th Aug 2012 at De Palma Shah Alam. My sister booked online and we managed to get a special price of RM58 per person rather than the normal price of RM68 per person. There were five adults and two minor (i.e. Adel & Kaisara).

The food was plenty. You name it, they have it. There were roasted lamb, on-the-spot fried ikan keli, nasi kerabu, nasi dagang, nasi putih, nasi and lauk kenduri, ikan patin tempoyak, ikan pari asam pedas, kuih traditional and loads more. Unfortunately, we didn't have the stomach to try them all. We got full after the third course.

Just before Iftar, a group of students recited surah Yassin. And when it was time for Mahghrib, one of them performed the Azan. During the Iftar, there were special performances prepared by the hotel. There were special guests to be specific.

We were entertained by a Nasyid group called Nowseeheart and Jay Jay. Nowseeheart performed a few songs and a new one which I'm not sure what the title was as I was busy eating. Hehehe =) Jay Jay serenaded the audience with his popular tunes like Belaian Jiwa, Rindu Bayangan, Joget Angan Tak Sudah and many more.

We left just before Isya' as my daddy wanted to rush back and perform his Terawih at the surau he normally does. Gave him the shirt that I bought him and passed bubur lambuk to him and my sister.

Kaisara looking sexy...hehe

A group of students reciting surah Yassin

Our table number for the day

Adel with a chocolate smudge on his face

My BIL and daddy waiting for the Azan

Still waiting

Performances by Nowseeheart

What is this little fella's picture doing here?

Jay Jay entertaining the audience

Overall, I think the food, ambiance and performance was not bad for the price we paid. Surau was also made available downstairs to perform our prayers. Maybe next time if I do decide to have Iftar here again, I'll try to taste each and every type of food possible, InsyaAllah.

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