Thursday, 30 August 2012

Jovian's Boxing Day *Updated


Updates as at 30 Aug 2012:

Jovian posted this in his Instagram about 2 hours ago. Ladies, please take note!
Jeevana and Jezebel will be making their appearances soon. This is not to be missed!

Updates as at 25 Aug 2012:

1. Zalora Malaysia has restocked the previous and latest batch of J by Jovian Mandagie again! Yeay!

2. About 2 hours ago, Jovian posted a teaser in relation to Jezebel and Jeevana on his Instagram and FB!

When do you think these two ladies will be revealed? ;)

3. I'm hoping that I'm able to get Jezebel...please, please, please

Updates as at 18 Aug 2012:

1. Zalora Malaysia has restocked the previous and latest batch of J by Jovian Mandagie at 10 pm on 17th Aug 2012. However, if your order is placed today, you'll only receive your parcel after Raya. Which I think is okay because you can wear it to your family and friends' open house.

2. I've read from people's experiences that it is better to COD if you purchase from Zalora Malaysia. This way, you can accept or reject the item when you meet the Zalora representative.

3. I am still patiently waiting for Jezebel...ngee ;P

Updates as at 15 Aug 2012:

1. Based on the catalogue released on Jovian's FB page and Instagram, there will only be 27 designs available at the JBoxing Day tomorrow. Hence, there is no Jezebel or Jeevana. These two ladies still remain as a secret.

The JBoxing Day Catalogue

2. The forms for tomorrow can be downloaded from his website at but currently the link for the 'Fast Lane' form isn't working.

Maybe you can try and print the form by clicking on the image ;)

3. If you are wondering about Jova in navy blue and any other designs that are not included in the catalogue, NO, they won't be at the JBoxing Day tomorrow. You have to wait a wee bit longer.

Since I've found out that Jezebel won't be making an appearance tomorrow...sadly, I won't be going to JBoxing Day. My main purpose was to grab Jezebel but I guess I have to wait for her arrival still :(

Original entry as at 14 Aug 2012:

Hi there peeps. If by now you are still unfamiliar with the term #jmrtw (Jovian Mandagie Ready-to-wear) you might have been living in a coconut shell for the past month and a half. To date, J by Jovian has already been launched in three batches and will make it's final grand entrance this Thursday, 16th August. Yes, you heard me! *faints*

This is the official poster of Jovian Boxing Day taken from his FB page

I first heard about Jovian Boxing Day through his Instagram on 3rd August if I'm not mistaken. Got all excited about it!

I have been purchasing his pieces online from Zalora all this while. For each batch that was released, I managed to get myself at least a pair. I thought his final batch would also be available on Zalora but it's not! I have to attend the Boxing Day in order to get at least a pair.

Here I asked Jovian if the final batch would be available on Zalora and not in a million years that I thought he would reply...but he DID! Thanks Jovian!

From what I understand a catalogue for the Boxing Day will be released today, insyaAllah. He gave us a sneak peak of the catalogue through his Instagram.

Oh, my! Will I be able to handle this?

This coming Boxing Day, 12 designs will make a comeback while 10 new designs will be revealed. Some of the new ones include Jadore, Jezebel, Jachynta, Jovani and Jenina. Am still waiting for the official catalogue to be released. *waiting patiently*

If you do plan to attend the Boxing Day, here are a few things that you need to know:

1. There will be at least 160 people that would be arriving there as early as 5am. They are from Johor and Singapore. FYI, Jovian will be providing shuttle buses for these people. Isn't that noble? :D

2. There will be two lanes, 1 is for Try & Buy and 2 is for Fast Lane. If you've purchased Jovian before you ought to queue in lane no. 2!

3. 20 peeps will be allowed into the room for 10 minutes with a maximum of 4 pairs to try. Each person has a maximum of 10 items to be purchased. And 1 person will get to purchase only one Jova and one Jadore.

4. You will get to choose all the design that you want before entering the room as they will be posted in the catalogue which I'm patiently waiting for to be uploaded. They will also be displayed on mannequins.

5. Cash and Credit Card (VISA/Master) are accepted at JBoxing Day.

6. All prices still range from RM180-RM400.

7. There is no special lanes for the pretty preggers, but Jovian will provide you with a bodyguard in case someone pushes you around.

8. Old batch swapping or selling is not allowed in the hall.

9. Surau is well prepared for all Muslim friends.

Still not sure of your size, here's a chart to help you out.

They are in inches and not cm ;)

I have applied for my leave the very day that Jovian announced about JBoxing Day. I also asked hubs to do the same. Well, I can't take Kaisara with me can I? Hubs will take me there and take care of Kaisara while I queue up.

Wanna look good in your JMRTW collection? Wear it with a Premium Beautiful corset and for sure you'll look gorgeous this Eid. Promo price is still valid until this Eid night ;)

See you there peeps at JBoxing Day this Thursday, 16th August at Royal Selangor Room, Shangri-La Hotel, KL from 8 am to 7 pm. Be there on time!

*Information shared here are courtesy of Jovian's FB page and his Instagram


  1. hi dear if you anyone who wanna let go their jachynta s and jiana b s, please let me know. Because i bought during the boxing day in m size for both..using fast lane, no choice and the stock are limitedT___T
    wassap/sms 019.395.2264

    1. Hi mizzura! InsyaAllah, I will. In the meantime, I think it's best if you make a wall post on JM FB page. InsyaAllah, people will respond to you =)
      Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

  2. hi dear, ive done everthing since morning. even dah keluar kat zalora pun still tak dapat catch the size. sold out..goshh..just in case you know somebody. k :-)

    1. Ok, I will, insyaAllah. Selamat Hari Raya! ;)

  3. hi letingo my jenina black in m

    1. Hi sis. Do u still have jenina black in m with u?

  4. hi dear.. i have preloved jenina wanna nego in black m size.

  5. Sis jasslina, how much u letting go of your jenina black? Im interested. Can email me at




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