Thursday, 20 September 2012

Biozone Food Purifier


Okay, this is super SCARY! Are you the type of person that always think how clean is your food before you put it into your mouth? Has it ever occurred to you that what goes inside your mouth is actually NOT THAT CLEAN? Even though it has been washed many times before you cook or eat it.

Introducing the Biozone Food Purifier that helps to get rid of toxins, indigestible fatty acids and any contamination through the process of purification.

Lets take a look at the demo below conducted on raw chicken by Hanis Haizi:

This is what it looks like after a few minutes of using the Biozone Food Purifier

There's a foam like substance appearing on top, see!

Looks like the bubbles have 'fats' on them and it is now starting to smell a little bit bad 

More foam like substance are appearing on top

This is what it looks like in about 30 minutes

Look at how much foam is formed after a while. YUCKS!

The foam is then removed. The texture of the foam is sticky and gooey

Dry it and try to burn it. Yes, burn it! You'll see whether it's normal foam/bubbles or not

Now judge for yourself!

Please bear in mind that this is only ONE SERVING of CHICKEN.

What will happen if we eat chicken EVERYDAY for the NEXT 10 YEARS of our precious life?!

How much TOXIN do you think have accumulated in your body by that time?

Again, this is only Chicken. What about OTHER FOODS

Watch my very own full demo of the product below:

If you care about your personal or family's health, BIOZONE FOOD PURIFIER is now available for YOU to purchase!

Do contact me for more info and details about Biozone Food Purifier
*Credit demo to Hanis Haizi

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