Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Syawal Day 3 with Premium Beautiful


Holla peeps! Yes, I know Syawal is over! But I'd still be blogging about it ;P Sorry for the delay and stuffs, just got back from a short family vacay and I'm mising my darling Kaisara oh so badly :(

On the third day of Syawal, it was my cousins' Khatam Quran ceremony, Kaisara's Cukur Jambul ceremony and my Aunt's solemnization. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but below there are more than one picture, so I guess that's hundred thousands or million words? Anyhoot, enjoy them!

Theme for the day is lavender ;)

Here's my eldest sister, BIL and nephew Adel Mikail :D

My cute cousins for their Khatam Quran ceremony =)

That's my Tok on the far left

My baby cousin Haqqan, but everyone keeps calling him Lee Chong Wei ;P

Waiting for the right time to carry Kaisara

Here we go!

My Tok's turn!

Kaisara was okay and crying at times :o

Here she's crying sebab terkejut suddenly the Marhaban ladies' voice went high :)

My Daddy giving Kaisara's hair a snip snip

My sister's turn pulak ;P Habis rambut Kaisara semuanya dipotong

All done! Next agenda: My Aunt's solemnizaton

The groom all prepared

My Daddy was appointed as the Wali ;)

During the lafaz

My Aunt looking nervous, hehe

The hantaran

Adel was asleep throughout this ceremony ;P

Congratulations Mak Pi!

It was a very hot day on the third of Syawal. I couldn't stand it. Pity Kaisara most of the time as she was sweating like crazy. We decided to return to the hotel for a quick shower and come back later. The moment we went into the car, Kaisara was all set to fall asleep in her car seat.

That day, Kaisara wore a Flower Girl gown that her Granny got for her at Sogo and a purple headband while hubs wore a lavender Baju Melayu Cekak Musang and I wore Premium Beautiful corset, Button My Buttons Signature Bow Kurung in soft purple and a white shawl to match the outfit.

There are a few more posts on Raya y'alls. Maybe about three more. Then I'll stop blogging about Syawal and move on to other stuffs that are truly overdue to be blogged about. What the heck...I'll still be blogging about it anyway ;P

Till my next Raya post, will try to keep it as short and interesting as possible. Toodles!

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