Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Syawal Day 4 and 6 with Premium Beautiful


Okay, Syawal Day 4 and 6 will be combined in one post as it's easier for all of you. And another reason is that there's not too many pics unlike the previous post. Any thoughts on why Syawal Day 4 and 6? Where's Syawal Day 5 perhaps? Hehe ;)

Syawal Day 5 is a special post as we celebrated someone's birthday that day. Who you may ask. Will blog about that in another post shortly, insyaAllah.

On the morning of 4th Syawal, we made our move from Pekan, Pahang after breakfast all the way to Kota, Negeri Sembilan to visit my grandmother's sister a.k.a. Grandma Chik. We arrived at Kota around 3.30 pm and had late lunch as we waited for Grandma Chik to arrive from Seremban.

That's my Grandma Chik, Grandma's sister

Kaisara is busy flipping out her hands in the air ;P

We left Grandma Chik's house around 5 pm and made our way back to Kuala Pilah (hub's kampung). We went back home to KL that night after dinner and made a convoy with Mak.

Our theme for Syawal Day 4 was Black. Kaisara wore a stripy black and white ready made Baby Kurung bought at AEON, hubs wore a black Renoma collared shirt and I wore Premium Beautiful corset, a Jubah Dress from 20 by Rizalman's collection, black shawl from TudungPeople and a white pearl headband.

On the 6th Day of Syawal, we decided to Raya at my youngest sister home here in Cheras. I made a special hamper for her. Bought all the stuffs from a supermarket and quickly put them together.

Here's what the hamper looks like. Not bad kan?

Lets enjoy looking at Kaisara's pics while we were at my sister's home. She's relaxing on a HUGE Ogawa Chair. And she doesn't mind it at all ;P


Darling, I can see your diapers!

*How are you doin'?* pose

Kaisara wore a ready made Baby Kurung which we bought at a Baby Fair at KL Convention Centre a week before Raya.

Okay peeps! Last post on Raya shall be a post on Syawal Day 5. Wait for it ya!

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