Thursday, 13 September 2012

Will Be Away


I have a short announcement to make. Ehem, ehem *clears throat*

I will be away for a short while as I'll be going to Johor from 14th-16th September 2012.

The purpose of going away this time is for:











Oh, yes! We'll be going to Singapore too to bawak Kaisara jalan-jalan ;)
*Pic source: Google

Here's a map of Singapore. Dah list down dah mana nak pergi nanti ;)
*Pic source: Google


Settle my business appointments!
Tengah susun schedule untuk business appointments time nih *makeup-less*

For those of you who are in Johor and Singapore (chewahhh, dengan harapan I have readers from Singapore la ni ;P), if you're interested in Premium Beautiful corset and/or Premium Beautiful business opportunity, kindly contact me to book your appointments.
I also welcome any queries on Premium Beautiful corset and business.

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