Monday, 15 October 2012

The Premium Beautiful SixteenTen PROMO!


Something BIG, something BEAUTIFUL and something BLING BLING is coming YOUR way!

Tomorrow (16th October 2012) will be a very special day for me and hubs!

Yes, it's our 4th Wedding Anniversary!

Alhamdulillah, we've known each other for 9 years now and we're married for 4 years. Feel blessed :D that we also have Kaisara Lily with us today!

In conjunction with this SPECIAL DAY, I'm having a Premium Beautiful SixteenTen PROMO!

Starting from TOMORROW 16th October 2012 until 22nd October 2012, CASH REBATE OF RM400 per set will be given to CASH BUYERS!

Cash buyers will also receive a free gift! Free gift is either PB Wash, Lactolite, Herba Maharani or BBPlus Colagen. This includes a TOTAL SAVINGS OF UP TO RM500!! Woww!

Not only that peeps!! The FIRST 4 CASH BUYERS that contact me within this promotional period will receive an extra free gift! Say WHAT?!

Specifically, the FIRST 2 CASH BUYERS will receive a BLING BLING item from.....wait for it...











*Pic from Google Images

And the NEXT 2 CASH BUYERS will receive something BEAUTIFUL! Let me give you a HINT. It's made from SILK!


What are you waiting for?
When the clock strikes 12 midnight on 16th October 2012, you know what you should do!!

Click here for Tetimonials on Premium Beautiful


you can take a look at this:

My very own Premium Beautiful Testimonial!

I love, love, love Premium Beautiful!

Quick!! Call/Text/Whatsapp/PM me NOW! Here's how!

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