Monday, 29 October 2012

A Mini Family Vacay: Johor and Legoland (Part 1)


Hoped everyone had a pleasant Eid Ul-Adha. I did, Syukur Alhamdulillah. If you remember my announcement here, hubs, Kaisara and I went for a short vacation to Johor and Singapore in September. This is where I get to share with you all about it! ;)

We made our move from KL on Friday morning (14th Sept) and decided to have breakfast in Malacca. There's this one Nasi Lemak stall that had the best Nasi Lemak and Ayam Goreng I've ever tasted. Unfortunately, when we arrived there (i.e. Klebang), the stall was not open. I was so dissapointed! :(

We had breakfast somewhere in Ayer Keroh and I had Soto and it was okay I guess while hubs had rice with Ayam Goreng and Kicap. We then continued our journey to head straight to Johor Premium Outlet a.k.a. JPO.

Yours truly! Happy to begin le shopping!
*Was wearing Slinky Maxi Dress in Navy Blue and Kimono Cardigan from ThePoplook and Numa Shawl in Shocking Pink by TudungPeople

We managed to get these stuffs from JPO

We had an ice cream break at Baskin Robbins in JPO and decided to call the hotel and informed them that we'll be arriving a wee bit late. From JPO, straight to Johor Bahru we went!

Olla! That's me posing in our hotel room :D

Hubs and I thought that we should stop by Legoland to get some souvenirs. And the next thing we know...we were on our way to Nusajaya :)

And here we are!

That's Kaisara and hubs!

The downside of our visit to Legoland was that the souvenir shops were located inside the Theme Park. Meaning that, we had to purchase tickets in order to to enter the souvenir shop. The price for an adult ticket is RM130 per person. Yikes!! Honestly, it's a bit pricey for me. I mean the park itself wasn't fully completed. It was not worth it to pay RM130 for the purpose of purchasing souvenirs and entering a half completed theme park, in my opinion that is. So we decided to snap pics in front of the entrance only.

The entrance

The long queue of people purchasing tickets for their entrance the next day

Made from Lego!

The Legoland Hotel, expected to be opened in 2014

There it is!

Went back to the hotel to have quick shower before we head back out again for dinner and found a baby cot for Kaisara in our room :)

A happy Kaisara in her cot :D

We went to Medan Selera Larkin for our all time favorite dish...Kacang Pool, YUMS!! Yes, we had Kacang Pool for dinner!

Just look at that! How can you not resist all that goodness? ;)

Trying a loose hijab style for dinner! I look so tired

Kaisara giving a serious pose thinking about her future..Ngee :D

After dinner, we retire back to the hotel to have a good night's sleep as we prepared for our journey to Singapore the next day.

To be continued...

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