Tuesday, 9 October 2012

My Darling Kaisara


Yes, it's been a while. Have been so caught up with work, training, family, business and everything in between. Forgive me for my absence :)

If you're a friend of mine on my Facebook , I guess you could have figured it out by now that I was looking for a babysitter to look after Kaisara. Yes, some mishaps have been occurring for the past week and I ended up searching for babysitters and nurseries that are willing to accept Kaisara on very short notice.

I found one near UPM, but Masha Allah. It was too crowded. There were about 30 toddlers and babies 6 months and below will stay in the baby's room. If I decided to send Kaisara there at that time, she will be mingling with all those toddlers in the common area. Not a good idea!

I decided to search for a few more and found a new one that just opened in front of the secondary school. The person in charge said that she had to check with her supervisor as her reason was, "Baby ni susah sikit nak jaga." Ok, fine!

So, I went to search for nurseries near our home and managed to find one. Decided to meet the supervisor and check the nursery out. Much better than the first one I visited. There were about less than 20 kids including babies. Baby's room is situated upstairs of the 2-storey corner lot unit. I went up and found the nanny in charge and 4 baby boys. Oh, my! Kaisara will be the only 'flower' among the 'bees'...huhu :D

I asked all the necessary things that I thought that was relevant and took a tour of the house right till to the kitchen and everything looked okay. The supervisor handed me the form and said that I can start sending Kaisara to this nursery from Monday. They were friendly too.

So, hubs and I decided to send our darling Kaisara there. Her first day was yesterday. I was so worried for her. I left work early to pick her up. The nanny said she was okay, she cried but there were no tears. I took her to the car and placed her in the car seat and she cried. This time, there were tears running down her cheeks. She gave me that one look and I pity her so much. The look was like, "Mama, why la you have to send me to this nursery" look. Kaisara Sayang, Mama and Papa kena hantar Kaisara situ sebab Mama and Papa have to work Sayang. Lagi pon, Kaisara boleh dapat kawan-kawan baru nanti.

By the time we reached home, she was very hungry. I gave her a bottle of milk and she dozed off for about 2 hours. Kaisara penat sangat ke masa kat school Sayang?

Kaisara having a piece of orange!

Lets hope Kaisara is doing okay on her second day of school today! In Shaa Allah :)


  1. lahaaai.. kesian dia.. nape dia nangis smpai cmtuh skaly? siann nyer.

    1. Salam Anonymous,
      Tu la, dia baby lagi. Dia faham tapi dia tak dapat nak cakap. Dia tunjukkan melalui air mata dia. Mmg kesian. Harap2 dia dapat sesuaikan diri soon, In Shaa Allah.



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