Tuesday, 30 October 2012

My Premium Beautiful Business Mentors


I just love doing this Premium Beautiful business!! Why you ask? Because I have mentors that can guide me all the way till I succeed! They never get sick and tired of guiding and helping me as well as giving me the advice that I need from the very beginning I joined this business and until now and for many years to come In Shaa Allah. They guide me to follow their footsteps and be like them generating up to 5, 6-figure of monthly income! Here's a special post about my Premium Beautiful Business Mentors!

First and foremost, allow me to introduce to you my Celebrity Mentor...

*Credit pic to www.hanishaizi.com

Hanis joined this business as a housewife at the age of 25 wanting to earn income in order to fulfill her hobby of collecting and owning designer handbags and shoes. With zero knowledge and being a shy person, she was determined that she could prove to all that she was able to sell Premium Beautiful corset online using the Internet as a medium. Hanis is considered as The Online Pioneer (TOP) Agent of Premium Beautiful CorsetShe managed to own her first business car, a BMW 3 series after 7 months of joining this business! Hanis achieved the level of Crown Diamond Manager (CDM), the highest rank in the business within 1 year of doing this business and holding an income of RM40k per month!! Now, she generates 6-figure monthly income from this Premium Beautiful business!!

Hanis and her hubby Raz with their BMW :D
*Credit pic to www.hanishaizi.com

Hanis earning 6-figure income, her story was featured here in Berita Harian!
*Credit pic to www.hanishaizi.com

A snapshot of Hanis' monthly income! *Jaw drops*

Earning a 6-figure income doesn't mean that she gets to sit and relax everyday. She still devotes most of her time and energy to guide and help out her proteges to succeed like her. It just goes to show that nothing is impossible unless you put your effort into it and In Shaa Allah, if you are determined, you too can achieve your dreams! Just like Hanis, if she can do it...so can I and so can you!!

Yours truly with CDM Hanis Haizi!

Next, meet my second Premium Beautiful Business Mentor...

*Credit pic to www.naakamaruddin.com

Naa joined this business in 2011 and she is now a Crown Diamond Manager in less than a year of doing this business! Naa is one of Hanis' protege. In the first month of doing business, she managed to achieved her target and secured her first ever FOC trip to Hong Kong! She resigned from her job as a Project Engineer and decided to be a full-time Mommy and business woman. Now Naa earns RM50k per month! Woww!! A 5-figure income every month from this Premium Beautiful business! Naa also owns her very first business car which she calls her Baby B, a BMW 320i.

On the left are Hanis and Raz, centre is Naa's Baby B and on the right are Naa and her hubby Acap :D
*Credit pic to www.naakamaruddin.com

This was taken during the inauguration of CDM Naa ;)
*Credit pic to www.naakamaruddin.com

Naa is a very determined person and she has the qualities of a very good leader. Her commitment in this business is endless. She gives me the support and motivation that I need in order to succeed like her! She always encourages me to ensure that I try my best no matter what and never to give up! In Shaa Allah Naa, I will try my very best to follow your footsteps and succeed like you one day!

CDM Naa Kamaruddin and yours truly!

In this business, if we follow closely our mentors' footsteps In Shaa Allah, their success will be ours too! They have gone through a lot more as compared to us. With that experience, they will guide us until we become successful. What is important is that you have to allow yourself to be guided by these mentors. Put aside your shyness and change your attitude in order to improve yourself, your life and the lives of your loved ones! The opportunity is there for you to grab!

I am thankful to Allah for giving me the opportunity to join this Premium Beautiful business. And I am also thankful that I made the right decision to join Green Leaders Group! Our group is committed and we will strive our very best to ensure that success will be ours! Come and join our beautiful group and choose to be my business partners!

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