Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Who Wants Year End Bonus?? *Updated


*The Cash Rebate promotion is valid till 31st December 2012.

If you join this beautiful business before 31st December 2012, you'll receive a cash rebate of RM1,500 which means that your first BONUS will be RM4,500.

However, if you join after 31st December 2012, your first BONUS will only be RM3,000

It's a HUGEEEEE difference peeps! ;D
What are you waiting for?
Call me NOW!!

Original Entry dated 31/10/2012:

There's exactly 2 months left before we bid farewell to 2012. And usually nearing the year end, this is where we tend to spend a lot more than we usually do for a lot of reasons. It can either be for a family vacation...well it is the school holidays, preparation for your children's back-to-school for next year, upcoming celebrations like Deepavali and Christmas or even The Year End SALE (Y.E.S.)!! (* I fall into the last category...hehe*)

It's times like these that makes you wonder that it would be GREAT if you have extra income, right?? Well, here's your chance to earn extra income!! Why now?? 

Because next month or in December,
you'll get a CONFIRMED BONUS of RM4,500!!
*Yes, it's a 4-figure BONUS!!

Having that bonus will allow you to experience your dream family vacation with your loved ones. Kalau tak dapat pergi oversea untuk bercuti pun takpe, cuti-cuti dalam Malaysia pun best!!! Boleh bawa anak-anak pergi jalan-jalan sebab tengah cuti sekolah!

Ni masa cuti ngan hubs dekat Grand Lexis Port Dickson

Siap ada private pool lagi!! ;D

This one in Avillion, if you go there...mesti jumpa Peacock ni!
(dengan harapan Peacock ni masih hidup lagi la kan ;P)

Ni pula masa we all sampai  Langkawi, mesti naik MAS ;)

See!! Cuti-cuti dalam Malaysia pun BEST ape!! Tak semestinya nak pergi oversea. Tapi kan, kalau ada duit lebih, mesti la nak pergi oversea...hehe 

Since The YES. SALE is just around the corner, ape lagi? Mesti nak shopping juga kan?! Time ni lah nak pakai duit untuk beli barang-barang yang dah lama diidam-idamkan hati...hehe. With your bonus, you can shop till you drop!

*Pic source: Google Images
During this SALE, discounts sampai mencecah 80% off pon ade tau!

Macam-macam barang boleh beli nanti. And you can even buy some for your parents, your spouse and your children. Bukan untuk diri you je tau!

*Pic source: Google Images
Shopping online pon boleh! Sekarang everything is at your fingertips! Even doing this business pun online!! Super easy!

*Pic source: Google Images
Shopping la macam-macam benda sampai you pengsan! Hehe ;P

If you do not intend to spend your bonus, it's okay! You can keep them as your SAVINGS!!

*Pic source: Google Images
This is the time for you to start increasing your SAVINGS too!!

Plus, side income from selling Premium Beautiful corset online, your BONUS will definitely reach up to 5-figure!! Whoaaa!!
Finish the year rich with style!!

*Yes, I know government officers will be getting their half month BONUS this DECEMBER but why not increase that BONUS by joining this business??
It will definitely be more than your half month bonus, right?!!

Come and join this beautiful business this month! Free business sharing and consultation! Bonus of RM4,500 is in your hands!! You decide!

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