Saturday, 3 November 2012

A Mini Family Vacay: Singapore (Part 2)


Okay, so here's Part 2 of our mini family vacation. On day 2, off to Singapore we went. We left the hotel rather late, it was around 11 am.

That's hubs and Kaisara waiting for me while I get ready ;D

Seven parking tickets for shopping along Orchard Road ;D

Arrived in Singapore and it was almost noon. We found a Public Carpark, parked there and displayed the parking tickets on the dashboard.

Our first stop was H&M. During our visit there, the one in Malaysia was not yet opened!

Walked away with one shopping bag only, most of them are Kaisara's stuffs and bought some for my nephew, Adel too ;)
*Was wearing Premium Beautiful corset on the inside, ThePoplook Slinky Tent Maxi-Green Ikat, Cotton On Black Cardigan and unbranded shawl

We spotted Ironman and hubs could not resist taking a pic with him...Ngee :D
We also bought souvenirs for our family members back home here at Orchard Road ;)

Yup, we were in Resorts World Sentosa!

The next thing we knew, we were already in Resorts World Sentosa, Sentosa Island. Hubs thought that we should take a pic in front of the Universal Studios Globe again because this time, Kaisara is with us.

This is Kaisara's first bus ride, on our way to Universal Studios! We parked our car at the Imbiah Parking Lot and took a bus to Universal Studios.

Here's the three of us there! Unfortunately, Kaisara decided to stare at the huge globe rather than the camera ;P

This one was taken in December 2011 when we went there with hub's family and my lil sis! Preggy with Kaisara at that time ;)

This one was taken in May 2011 during the Grand Opening of Universal Studios where hubs and I got to meet Paula Abdul! This time I didn't know whether I was preggy or not...haha

There she was, Paula Abdul...a petite lady ;D

Back to our current agenda...hehe..Kaisara was super tired and she dozed off. We also managed to get some Universal Studios souvenirs to bring back home ;) 

That's Kaisara and I posing at the parking lot to end our visit to Resorts World Sentosa

This little girl is busy playing with her balloon ;P

Wanted to ride this but unfortunately we didn't have the time :(

Our next stop was Istana Kampung GLAM. This is where most of the Singaporean Malay community shops are. We arrived at the Malay Heritage Centre to watch a cultural show and only managed to watch it for about 3 minutes and it ended :(

This is Masjid Sultan ;)

We bought some souvenirs here in Kampung GLAM and were super tired as it was nearing 8 pm. Decided to leave Singapore and made our way back to Johor Bahru for dinner.

We didn't have the energy to go out for dinner and had Ikan Merah Asam Pedas for dinner at the hotel. Super hungry and later was super full! Alhamdulillah ;)

Almost a day in Singapore, above were our output!

*Will reveal them in Part 3 of my mini family vacay! Stay tuned!!

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