Thursday, 22 November 2012

Crowned as Champion Again!


First and foremost, this post is specially dedicated to hubs and his paintball team mates from the team Wolfkids :D

On Saturday and Sunday which took place on the 3rd and 4th of November 2012, hubs and his team mates entered the World Paintball Players League (WPPL) Leg #4 held at WERD Training Facility in Puchong. This was their second time entering WPPL. The first one,  (WPPL, Leg #3) where they were crowned as Champion was posted here.

This time in Leg #4, Wolfkids were crowned as the Champion of Division 4! That's twice in a row! The team Wolfkids is ranked as number 2 for their overall performance for 2012. Amaze balls!! I'm so proud of you guys...especially hubs! Ngee ;P

Lets take a look at their photos during the prize giving ceremony for being awarded as the Champion!

Wolfkids' Team Captain Ikma, receiving a trophy for the team

Their medals and trophy! Can you spot some pallets?

A close up on their gold medals!

Wolfkids after receiving their medals and trophy
*Pic credit to ICarMag

Team Captain Ikma giving a pallet a bite!

Eimal showing off Wolfkids' trophy :)

Angah with his medal ;)

Hubs Hairie Nakamurie showing off his medal. Kaisara and I are proud of you Papa!

Biting their precious medal! From left: Eimal, Ijam, Ikma, Hairie, Joe, Salar and Angah :D

A bunch of happy Wolfkids! ;P

I think some of them were overwhelmed when they were crowned as the Champion of Division 4 and hence this pose came to light...hehe ;D

That's my one and only hubs Hairie Nakamurie in action!
*Pic credit to King Ang Images

This is my favorite photo of hubs Hairie Nakamurie in action! Nampak kegagahan and ke'hero'an nya tu, I like! Love you!
*Pic credit to King Ang Images

What's next for Wolfkids? Lets wait for 2013 and see where they're heading to in terms of Big Games and Championships. Last but not least, a very BIG Congratulations to you guys on becoming the Champion! I wish you guys the very best of luck for your future games and pray that you'll succeed insyaAllah.

Lots of love from your fans,

Lily Marliza & Kaisara Lily

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