Thursday, 15 November 2012

Income vs Expenses


Lets take a look at our monthly income and expenses, shall we? The photo below refers to a situation whereby both the husband and wife are working and earning a total of RM8,000 per month.

Back then things are not the same as they used to be...NOW everything is about the MONEY, MONEY, MONEY unlike Jessie J's MONEY MONEY song ;P Hehe

Not to mention, the price of petrol which keeps on increasing most of the time and groceries too! Back then, a purchase of RM300 can fill up the whole trolley but now maybe only half of the trolley is filled up and our'll take forever to get an increase nowadays :(

What about your household? Children? Feeding formula, diapers, medication, insurance, clothes and what about school and tuition fees?

What about your savings? Sometimes you can save...sometimes you can't. Take a moment and think back or better still check you savings NOW! Have your savings reached at least RM200,000?? If you answered, "NOT YET!"...then you should be worried :(

Lets say we are able to save up to RM1,000 per month. Multiply that with 12 months and you'll get RM12,000. And that's only a year!

In order to have savings of up to RM100,000, it'll take you at least 10 years for that! And looking at our age now...early 30's and 10 years later we'll be in our 40's and another 10 years after that we'll be in our 50's and by that time, we'll have up to RM240,000 in our savings. That is way too long!! We could have save MORE during our younger years! But how do we intend to do that if our salary is enough just to pay off our monthly commitment? :(

That only happens if you're able to keep RM1,000 per month. So far, I think it is difficult for us nowadays to save RM1,000 on a monthly basis. Our expenses are getting bigger by the month!

We cannot blame anyone for this as this is happening in accordance with the advancement of new technologies and constant changes. Do you really want to stay cooped up at home and be thrifty? Sometimes you need to go out and have some fun hanging out with your friends.

Houses nowadays are expensive! Landed property in KL and Selangor are RM500,000 and above. Those in the low income group could only afford a flat or an apartment.

We hailed from the same group previously..."Kais bulan makan bulan". We also have the desire to dine in fine restaurants, wear fancy or branded clothes just like all those people with the same desires.

If you still keep on wondering...just STOP doing so...just DUIT! (Doa, Usaha, Ikhtiar and Tawakal) Take action now! And believe me, the action I took 5 months ago have changed my life and even changed the lives of my business partners who are aiming for financial freedom!! 

I'm sure there are many of you out there who are lucky enough to hold a high position at work, have a huge salary, huge house and etc...but maybe only 20% you. As for the rest , they fall under this category.

So that's why this forced me to get out from my usual comfort zone to get a BETTER comfort zone

We were all born to succeed...we should know who we matter how difficult it is, NEVER GIVE UP!!

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