Sunday, 18 November 2012

Kaisara Lily Not Feeling So Well


Hi there peeps! If you've been following my Facebook status update for the past 2 weeks about Kaisara Lily, you ought to know that she was feeling under the weather. Actually, up till today...she hasn't fully recovered. Let me tell you why...

Last week on Wednesday (7/11), her body temperature was quite high. It was 38.6 deg C. I decided not to send her to school and took care of her at home. The day before, I had already took her to the doctor's and she was given fever and antibiotic medication.

Here's what she looked like that morning! Still busy playing with her Bye Bye FEVER box ;D

I kept monitoring her temperature for every half an hour. It kept decreasing but was at a very slow pace. My dear sister and Facebook friends also helped out in terms of providing advise on what I should do to make Kaisara's temperature go down. Even my dear mentor CDM Naa Kamaruddin gave me a few tips! Not only she guides me in business but also when taking care of our child when they fall sick. I'm so blessed to have wonderful family members and kind friends to help me out :D Syukur, Alhamdulillah.

This was taken when I met up with my mentor CDM Naa Kamaruddin for a business meeting and this is the first time Kaisara met Aunty Naa ;)

Back to our current story, Kaisara had a short nap that morning after I gave her her medication and almost an hour later, she woke up.

This was how Kaisara looked like after she had her morning nap. My sister advised me to take all her clothes off so that the heat from her body would be able to make its' way out 

I kept wiping her body with a damp cloth so that she'd stay cool all the time. Later, I decided to give her a bath. Not so warm and not so cool bath. It would help to decrease her body temperature. And a dear friend from Facebook named Anis, reminded me of something that I totally forgot about. She told me that I should try to wrap Kaisara using Premium Beautiful's Waist Nipper as it contains Far Infrared Rays that would be able to cool down Kaisara's temperature. And so I did!

See that black material sticking out under Kaisara's top? That's my Waist Nipper. I wrapped it around her not so tight and not so loose, just nice!

Kaisara soon fell asleep. And she had a long good sleep, it was about for almost 3 hours. And I kept monitoring her temperature when she was sleeping. Alhamdulillah, it kept decreasing and when she woke up, it was at 36.2 deg C.

That's Kaisara when she woke up! Happy...again playing her favorite box ;P

By that evening she was all cheerful and decided to play hide and seek. And her favorite hiding spot was under the couch!

Kaisara, Mama found you!! Hehe ;P

The next day and Friday, I decided not to send her to school as I fear that she hasn't fully recovered and I definitely did not want other babies at her school get infected by her fever. Alhamdulillah, by Friday she was totally fine but we kept giving her antibiotic as prescribed by the doctor.

This past week, I have been on leave to spend time with Kaisara and manage my online business of selling Premium Beautiful corset and business sharing. Hubs was on leave too! But only on Monday as Tuesday was a Public Holiday (i.e. Deepavali). On Wednesday  (14/11) morning, when Kaisara woke up...she was sneezing badly and I noticed something funny with her left eye. It was smaller as compared to her right eye. I took her to the doctors' and she was given an ointment for her nose and I totally forgot to tell the doctor about her left eye. The rest of the day I was with her at home, her left eye was still the same.

The next day, hubs and I noticed that her left eye was getting a wee bit reddish. The size of her eye was the same as the day before. That Thursday was Awal Muharram. MIL took us to Manhattan Fish Market for lunch and Kaisara was happy through out the day. And on Friday, her left eye was more or less the same. But only yesterday (i.e. Saturday), when she woke up, she had eye crust on her left eye :(

Hubs and I took her to the doctors' and again she was given an ointment but this time it was for her eye. So, yesterday we had a kenduri to attend to and this was how Kaisara looked like:

Look at her left eye! I pity her so much :( But she still managed to be cheerful!

Today was no different either, it got a bit more reddish. And every time we gave her an eye drop, she likes to rub it off.

See how sepet her left eye is :( With an eye like that, I don't think you'll be going to school tomorrow darling.

For now, hubs and I have decided that Kaisara won't be going to school tomorrow. I might take her to the office as I have a class tomorrow. Besides, my little sister will be accompanying me too. She should be able to look after Kaisara for half an hour or so while I handle class.

Sayang oh Sayang! Mama and Papa doakan supaya Kaisara cepat sembuh ya Sayang. Kesian Mama and Papa tengok Kaisara macam ni :( Mama and Papa love you so so much!

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