Wednesday, 14 November 2012

SM/SSM Seminar Cycle III


Last Saturday (10th November 2012), I attended the SM/SSM Seminar Cycle III hosted by none other than the Green Leaders Academy Malaysia G.L.A.M. 

The seminar took place in Holiday Inn Glenmarie, Subang. Started as early as 7.30 am for registration followed by breakfast. The seminar itself officially began at 8.30 am and centered around the color theme of Red and Black! Lets take a look at how the seminar went!!

Before the seminar officially began ;D

The Grand Ballroom was a fullhouse!!

That's us!! My business partners and I. From left: Aishah, Sofiah, Akhma and yours truly!

MC for the day was Shaliza Aziz

Altogether there were 5 slots arranged for us that day. And the first one was from CDM Adibah Karimah, a CDM fresh from the oven and not to mention...she's 8 months pregnant :D

CDM Adibah Karimah presented the topic 'Takwim Syarikat dan Kumpulan'. This is a very important topic as we need to prepare ourselves in order to achieve our next target ;)

The second topic for the day was Social Media Marketing and it was presented by CDM Al-Faath Al-Ayubbi. CDM Al-Faath is CDM Salha Zain's other half ;D

CDM Al-Faath presenting his topic :) Social Media Mekerting incorporates the use of Facebook, Blog and Instagram ;D

Then it was time for a short tea break. The seminar continued with the next presenter that was CDM Sha Khalid. Her topic was 'Peranan SM/SSM Part I'.

CDM Sha Khalid is a full time IT Engineer and she's been doing this business part-time but still managed to reach the CDM level in a year of doing it ;D

Next was my mentor's turn CDM Naa Kamaruddin. CDM Naa presented the topic 'Peranan SM/SSM Part II'.

CDM Naa holds on to this one principle from the very beginning she started this business, that is...

"If you don't push yourself to go beyond your limitations, you will never know your real potential" - CDM Naa Kamaruddin

Then it was time for lunch and Zohor prayers. Quickly got together for a group photo before we went off to have lunch at Kites!

Happy or hungry faces? Hehe ;D

Returned to the ballroom for the following session ;)

Lets snap some pics first before the final session begins! Hehe ;)

Yours truly and Akhma ;D

And the time we've been waiting for has finally arrived! It was time for our GREAT MENTOR, CDM Hanis Haizi to deliver her talk on Goal Settings and Dreams

CDM Hanis Haizi in action!!

CDM Hanis Haizi is a really inspiring mentor to us all!

"Cabaran dan Halangan itu perkara biasa dalam meniti kejayaan. What more if you want to be extra ordinary from "normal" people kan? Kita kena buat perkara-perkara orang biasa tak sanggup buat. :)
Kurangkan mengeluh, banyakkan berfikir dan bertindak!" - CDM Hanis Haizi

The seminar came to an end after CDM Hanis Haizi delivered her talk and it was around 4.30 pm. But it was not officially over yet as it was time for a Photo Session!!

That's me with CDM Naa Kamaruddin ;)

This is our group Beautiful Circles led by CDM Naa Kamaruddin! Can you find me? Hehe

That's me and Kak Ja! Kak Ja used to work in UPM too ;D It was so nice to see her...last time I saw her was way back in 2009

Akhma, our GREAT MENTOR CDM Hanis Haizi and yours truly!

And last but not least...

*Credit pic to

Everyone who came to the seminar! We are all under Green Leaders Group and we are proud of it!!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank CDM Razali and CDM Syukran for organizing this SM/SSM Seminar Cycle III. It was a HUGEEEE success! I would also like to thank the speakers CDM Adibah Karimah, CDM Al-Faath Al-Ayubbi, CDM Sha Khalid, CDM Naa Kamaruddin and CDM Hanis Haizi for their valuable input during their presentation. I am very sure that I could not obtain these knowledge anywhere else. And not to forget, a very BIG Thank You to the rest of the Committee Members who took part and ensured that the seminar ran smoothly ;D

I definitely did not make a mistake by joining Green Leaders Group! Under this group, the mentors will guide and coach you every step along the way until you become successful like them too! Alhamdulillah, I am blessed that I met this group! Our group is committed and we will strive our very best to ensure that success will be oursCome and join Green Leaders Group and choose to be my business partners!

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