Thursday, 27 December 2012

A Mini Family Vacay: Legoland (Part 3)


Why hello there...hehe. Before we bid farewell to 2012, I owe my blog readers a lot of posts. First and foremost, allow me to apologize for the delay as currently hubs and I are trying to make-over our master bedroom. We are still in the midst of doing it. Hope it'll be over soon by next year which will turn up in 4 days or so...Ngee ;P

Okay, so I blogged about Part 1 and Part 2 of our mini family vacay previously. So here's the final part ;D

The next day which was Sunday, hubs and I decided to have breakfast or should I say brunch at our favorite place in Johor and that is Restoran ZZ Sup Tulang.

Here it is!

I had this Mee Rebus Tulang! Superb!

While hubs was busy posting a photo of this on his Instagram, an old friend commented on his Facebook asking for his phone number. To make a long story short, this dear friend invited us over to his house for Raya Open house. Mind you, it was the last day of Raya at that time if I'm not mistaken. And off to his house we went!

Had some more food over there and they were talking about Legoland. And to make a long conversation short, we ended up with this...











How we were able to get our hands on these shall remain as a secret...ahaha *evil laugh*
Thanks dear friend! You know who you are ;D
Off to Legoland we went!

The Shipyard - Kaisara was busy golek'ing' here and there as usual

What's the name of this Masjid? *can't remember*


Cruise Ship

Colorful Containers

A Wheel?

Rapid KL Bus!

That Old Legoman is actually snoring okay!

Us 3!

Kaisara and Mama!

A must-have photo!

Will upload most of the photos on my Facebook soon! From Legoland, we decided to enter Singapore one last time to finish up our Sing Dollars by purchasing more souvenirs. We left Singapore at 9.00 pm and continued our journey home. Hubs drove till one of the RnR stops in Johor and I continued till Melaka. We decided to look for a hotel in Melaka at midnight and spent the night there.

The next morning, checked out from the hotel and looked for something to eat and we found this...

Coconut Shake!

Some Coconut action from Kaisara!

After spending 4 days and 3 nights in Johor, Singapore and Melaka, these were the items that we purchased...

Most of them belong to Kaisara while the rest were for our family members and close friends! 

It was definitely an enjoyable mini family vacation for us three. Looking forward to another one soon in the coming year, insyaAllah. Stay tuned for more updates on my blog! Have a nice year end peeps!

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