Thursday, 13 December 2012

My Master's Convocation


Hey there peeps! Back for another post. Glad to inform you that my eyes are getting better ;D The redness has decreased and now just waiting to see the doc again to remove a small membrane. Anyhoots, back to the story! On 24th November 2012, I was in Shah Alam to receive my Master's Degree for my Master in Forensic Accounting and Financial Criminology. Remember when I blogged about Hai-O's 20th Anniversary and GLAM Night that I could not attend...well, it was because of my convocation :D has been the tradition that all PhD and Masters programme to graduate in the very first Sidang. And usually the Faculty of Accountancy masters programme too would graduate in the first Sidang. Unfortunately, when it came to my time to graduate...I did not get into the the first Sidang, I was in the second one :( My previous two convocations in UiTM Shah Alam are in the morning and never in the afternoon. Again, being unlucky this time...I was in the afternoon session :( Nonetheless, I am still thankful that I was able to graduate.

Secondly, I was supposed to finish my master's in 2 years time. In my final semester, when I submitted my dissertation and it was reviewed by the examiners...I didn't have enough time to complete my corrections as I was about to give birth to Kaisara :D And hence, it took me 2 and a half years. Again, I am still thankful to Allah because of how He had planned my journey in life so far...Alhamdulillah.

On that beautiful Saturday was raining! Lucky me as I wasn't in the first Sidang...hehehe ;P We stayed at Intekma Resort and Convention Centre the night before and my sister and her family came along too because I wanted her to babysit Kaisara while I was away for my convocation. My daddy insisted that we stayed there as it was nearer to UiTM. He also spent the night there with us. Like a mini family vacation but in Shah Alam...hehe ;P

For my convocation this time, I wore my shocking pink wedding lace kebaya that my late mummy gave me. It was a way of reminding me that's she's there for my graduation. My hubby, daddy and baby sister were the ones in the hall to witness my 'big day'. Arrived at the Dewan Agong Tuanku Canselor at 1.00 pm and got ready with my robe, motarboard and hood and waited for my number to be called to form the line.

Everything was perfect that day, the weather, the ceremony...but I felt one person was missing from it all and it was my late mummy. Mummy, I hope I made you proud!

Tan Sri was asking me, "You amik forensic juga ke?" and I answered, "Yes Tan Sri." He continued with, "Congratulations!" and I replied, "Terima Kasih Tan Sri." And off I went...

I don't get my expression if I'm super excited but I have scary eyes at the same time ;P

The first two photos are from UiTM's official photographer...yes there were only two photos :(

I took the idea to hire my own photographer for an outdoor photo shoot after the ceremony. My official photographer for the day was Faridism Photography. Thanks Farid! Lets take a look at my outdoor shots with Faridism Photograpy!

For more photos, you can visit my Facebook profile ;D

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