Thursday, 31 January 2013

Beautiful Circles' GLOW


On Saturday, 19th January 2013...a day before the SM/SSM Award Ceremony...we had a GLOW session exclusively for the members of Beautiful Circles. In case you're wondering what GLOW stands for Green Leaders Orientation Workshop ;D

GLOW was held to welcome new business partners into the business as well as to get to know each other better ;) GLOW session is where we learn new things, tips and tricks on using social media for our business.

MC for the day was Yana Rosli :D

Yana shared her experience with us on starting this business. She started as a Distributor with only 3 sets of Premium Beautiful corset. It was very difficult for her to look for money to be used as capital. She had to borrow some from family members and furthermore, her husband initially was not supportive of her doing this business. With her perseverance, she managed to look for cash buyers within a few months and qualified for her first FREE TRIP to Vietnam! She's definitely a FIGHTER!!

Yana started this business because she wanted to improve her family's financial status...all in the name of her children. As a mother, we want to provide the best for our children!

The GLOW started off with an ice breaking session ;) We have partners from all over Malaysia, this is the chance to get to know them better. Previously, we only knew each other through Facebook

Soon-to-be DDM Acap (CDM Naa's other half) explaining how the ice breaking game should be played..Hehe

It was CDM Naa Kamaruddin's turn to share her background in this business. We come from different backgrounds, different challenges and obstacles but we share the same become successful!

Naa joined this business because she didn't want to become a wage earner. She wants to spend more time with her family and this business has allowed her to do so. Now she has all the time and financial freedom that she dreamt of ;D

Then she had to dance ;D Hehe

Another partner, Kak Irda previously worked as an auditor, she resigned and wanted to have her own business. She kept searching for a suitable one ranging from restaurant to franchise and even kindergarden. The initial capital needed ranges from RM200,000-RM500,000. How was she supposed to look for that much money?

This business requires not that much capital as compared to other businesses out there. That's because we have PLAN A and PLAN B. You can join this business depending on either plan. It's flexible!

Some even joined this business because opportunity came knocking on their door. It was an opportunity not to be missed!

And there are others who even re-joined. Meaning that, they restart the business all over again...but this time under Green Leaders Group! Why GLG? Because the GLAM leaders are responsible to lead, guide and coach their partners...even train us to become leaders just like them!

Let's move on to the next session shall we?

Soon-to-be DDM Acap presenting the topic basics of blogging ;D

See, everything is being taught...even the basics. A very informative presentation, especially for the newcomers. You should not worry if you have no idea on how to start up a blog. We'll teach you how ;D

Special guest for Beautiful Circles' GLOW that day was none other than CDM Hanis Haizi

She was motivating and inspiring us to become better GLAMpreneurs to achieve our dreams. It's okay to DREAM BIG! It's better to DREAM BIG rather than having no dreams at all.

CDM Naa Kamaruddin's Beautiful Circles with CDM Hanis Haizi

A photo of Yana Rosli and I ;D

CDM Naa Kamaruddin in action! She explained about Shanghai Project! Interested in going to Shanghai for FREE? Just ask me how!

A must-have photo with Kak Ja...Hehe ;D

Final shot of the day, with Yana Rosli and CDM Naa Kamaruddin ;)

Are you still thinking of what kind of business to start?

Think no more, your opportunity is here with the Green Leaders Group!

Let's do it TOGETHER!

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