Monday, 28 January 2013

Dear Hanis Haizi Chanel Party


I had a blast yesterday at the Dear Hanis Haizi Chanel Party. If you are my follower on Instagram, you would've noticed that I posted this invite in my IG account...

The Party Invitation!

I've been busy the past week putting together my outfit for the special event. As Hanis had mentioned earlier, the theme of the party was Chanel, black, white, pink, lace, pearls and tweed. As usual, my sister became the victim...I seek for her opinion the most. I guess, it's a girl thing! Hehe ;D

In case you didn't know, the party was held to celebrate the winners of the Dear Hanis Haizi Contest that Hanis held in conjunction with her birthday last year. This is where the winners were announced and celebrated.

Yesterday, we arrived at the Platinum Movie Suites Lounge around 2.30 pm. Hubs and I could see a few people dressed up according to the theme and we concluded that they were definitely going to the Dear Hanis Haizi Chanel Party.

Here's what happened when we arrived...

I immediately saw this sign and requested hubs to take a photo of me with it...Ngee ;P

Looking for my name to register!

The doorgift and number 138...for the lucky draw contest

While waiting for the party to begin ;D

With my business mentor Naa Kamaruddin ;D

With Naa Kamaruddin's Beautiful Circles Team ;)

My date for the party! None other than hubs Hairie Nakamurie ;D
My outfit for that event: Top, Jacket, Belt and Pants from Zara, Shawl from Artizara, Clutch from Dorothy Perkins, Necklace bought online & Bangle from Vincci

A sweet couple! Naa was helping out Acap to put on the Chanel brooch :D Awww...

When the party officially begins...

A must-have photo with the Host of the party...Hanis Haizi

HANIS balloons!

Queuing up for the food! Yums!! props :D

With the one and only Hanis Haizi! ;D

Hanis giving out her speech ;) She thanked those who came especially her blog followers from all over Malaysia

Hubs turn to pose while I hold on to the camera :D

Posing with the props provided ;D

Freestyle...we're young, having fun and enjoying life! ;D

That's me!! Receiving my prize for the lucky draw contest!

There's a story behind this lucky number. Initially, when we arrived...I was the only one who registered as I waited for Naa's arrival. I took the number 138. Then, when Naa arrived, I confirmed with her a few details and registered for hubs...and he took the number 29. At that moment, I asked him, "Nape Ayang amik nombor 29?" And he just smiled and said, "Mana la tau kalau lucky ke". And we went off to the lounge. Little that we know, when Raz announced the was 29 and it was the number that hubs had chosen earlier ;D I smiled at hubs and went to collect our prize ;) We missed the last lucky draw prize by a digit...the lucky number was 137 while I was holding the number 138 :( Hehehe

A group photo with all the winners! Yup, both Naa and Acap were lucky too! Naa received a Chanel lipstick while Acap won an Hermes scarf ;D which Naa will definitely be wearing ;P

Congratulations goes to Syera Begam for being the first prize winner of the Dear Hanis Haizi contest! She won a Chanel Flap!!

We each want a Chanel Flap too!!!

With the first prize winner of the Dear Hanis Haizi Contest...Syera Begam! Congratulations dear!!

Numbers 29 and 138, the door gifts that came from the little black boxes were Chanel brooch and that's a Moschino Scarf that I won from the lucky draw contest ;D 

Moschino scarf...up close ;D

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Hanis for hosting such a wonderful event to celebrate the winners of the Dear Hanis Haizi Contest. Here under the Green Leaders Group, we're not 24-hours busy with business you know...we also spend some time to have fun! We're young, we're fun and we're enjoying life!

Come and join us today!

Let's have fun and enjoy doing business together as a TEAM!

YOU could be joining me in the next BIG event under Green Leaders Academy Malaysia...or better still maybe to Shanghai too!!!  


  1. love this post and all the pictures! We had fun yesterday, and definitely more events to come :)

    1. Thank you so much Naa! Yes, definitely we'll be having much more fun times at future events ;)



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