Tuesday, 8 January 2013

My Client's Premium Beautiful Testimonial *Updated


Hey there! I'm very excited as I've received news that a client of mine is now able to fit back into her jeans that she usually wears before she was pregnant. I'm truly happy and excited for her. Lets meet my client...her name is Hazniza and she's from Bahau, Negeri Sembilan. Now lets take a look at her before and after photo! *excited*












In the before photo, it was taken at a friend's wedding 3 weeks before she delivered her baby girl. *Her last weight before delivery was 67kg. While the after photo, it was taken last night when I met her. She has been wearing Premium Beautiful corset consistently for a month now. *Currently, she weighs 54kg. Just look at her amazing transformation! Her baby girl, Keisha Khalisha is now 3 months old ;D Hazniza is definitely one HOT mama!!! You go GIRL!

Want to be a part of this amazing transformation too?

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