Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Using Premium Beautiful Corset during Confinement


Have you ever wondered what it's like using Premium Beautiful corset during your confinement? Sadly :( I'm not able to share with you my experience because during my confinement, I had to wear that traditional bengkung. After I gave birth to Kaisara, I knew nothing about Premium Beautiful corset. Thus, the only choice I had was that traditional bengkung.

The very first time I had to wear that traditional bengkung was after the Mak Cik Tukang Urut had given me a post-labour massage. Oh, my! Rasa nak pengsan! I had to turn around and around and around for Allah knows how many times! Rasa seksa sangat! And that's just  the beginning of how you wear it...belum masuk cerita masa you tengah pakai pula.

After done wearing it...I felt very uncomfortable when sitting down. I mean it was very tight and it restricted my movements by a lot! Nak buat apa-apa pun rasa tak selesa langsung! Not to mention, especially when I'm in the toilet. Everytime nak pergi toilet, I just took the whole thing off and carried on with my 'business'. And later, rasa malas sangat nak pakai balik sebab susah nak pakai sendiri, nak kena minta tolong hubby or my Aunty masa tu. Pendek cerita, memang susah! :( End up, terus tak pakai langsung...sampai my sister pun bising, nanti perut buncit baru tahu!

Rasa macam rugi sangat tak kenal Premium Beautiful corset at that time. To those who have yet to experience the traditional bengkung, honestly from my own experince...that thing is so difficult to wear, you have restrictions in terms of movements, uncomfortable, not user-friendly especially when you're doing your 'business' in the toilet.

Here's what the traditional bengkung looks like!
*Credit photo to Google Images

If I knew about Premium Beautiful corset at that time, I will definitely wear it during my confinement. It could have given me good result, it was definitely easy to wear and I feel very comfortable wearing it as compared to the traditional bengkung. There's not much hanky business too when going to the toilet and you can easily breastfeed your baby and move around freely.

When wearing Premium Beautiful corset, our tummy and every part of our body will be nicely put into place. You will be able to get back your original shape and most importantly, the womb shrinks and returns to its' original correct position. By wearing Premium Beautiful corset consistently, you are also able to get rid off STRETCH MARKS and CELLULITE. You'll definitely be amazed by the results, trust me!

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Health wise, you will feel so much better when wearing Premium Beautiful corset as it regulates blood flow. All those darah-darah kotor tu cepat keluar and you won't experience constipation. This is so true! I experienced this!! It can also help to balance your 'estrogen' and 'progesterone' hormones. For breastfeeding mothers, it can help increase you breast milk production!

Wowww!!! A LOT of PROBLEMS can be solved by just wearing the Premium Beautiful corset. To all mothers and mothers-to-be out there, CHANGE to this Premium Beautiful corset NOW!!

*Credit photo to Google Images



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