Friday, 18 January 2013

What I Lack VS What I Make Up


Salam Jumaat everyone!

Today, I just thought of sharing with you what's going through people's mind when they initially wanted to start this Premium Beautiful business. They thought of a thousand and one reasons before they decided to join this business. Among them are:

I don't have friends
How am I supposed to operate this business? I don't have that many friends, I'm not popular. For this kind of business, you need loads of friends in order to succeed.

I'm a shy and quiet person
I'm only friends with people who are close to me. I rarely make new friends, if I do...I only manage to greet them with "Hi!". You need to put on a bold face for this business.

I've never worked before
I've never worked before in my entire life. I never deal with people, I don't have colleagues and I don't even know my neighbors.

I'm too busy with work
I work as a Manager...I have lots of work to be done. I work overtime almost everyday and reach home at night, I don't have time for this business.

My boyfriend/fiancee/husband does not allow me to do business
My husband doesn't like anything about doing a business. He'll say, "Can you actually do this business?!" There's nothing wrong with your boyfriend/fiancee/husband but it seems like you are the only one who wants the best for yourself and your family. But we are the ones who DECIDE, we can prove it to them by doing this business.

There's no one to take care of my child
When I was a housewife, I took care of my child...I'm scared of sending my child to a nursery, there's a lot of abuse and kidnapping cases.

I don't have any transport
It's difficult for me to travel anywhere because I don't have a car. I usually take the bus and LRT. How can I do this business if I don't have a car?

I'm not good with words
I don't have a business background. To do this business, I must at least have some knowledge on marketing or business study, right? But I majored in Accounting.

Syukur Alhamdulillah, Allah opened my heart and did not make me give a thousand and one reasons. Allah chooses His servants to give rezeki and I feel so lucky.

*Credit photo to Google Images

What I lack in experience for this business, I make up for it in seeking knowledge. Hence, I am able to upgrade myself...knowledge-wise, confidence-wise and I'm totally an improved new person. I like the way I am now ;D

"Rich people focus on OPPORTUNITIES, poor people focus on OBSTACLES."

*Credit photo to Google Images

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