Thursday, 10 January 2013

Why I Joined this Premium Beautiful Business?


Have you ever wondered why I joined this Premium Beautiful business? There must be reasons why out of all the businesses that are available out there...but I decided to choose Premium Beautiful, right?

1. Flexible
This Premium Beautiful business is flexible, I can choose either to do it part time or on a full time basis.

*Credit photo to here

2. Business is at your fingertips
The business is conducted online using social networks such as Facebook, Blog and Instagram. I don't have to knock on people's door to sell the products.

My Facebook

My Blog

My Instagram

3. Monthly business bonus
For the first month of joining the business, you'll earn RM3,000 as extra income. Usually your work bonus will only be given to you once a year, right?!

*Credit photo to Google Images

4. Sell only 10 sets of Premium Beautiful corset
Yes, this is true! You only have to sell 10 sets of Premium Beautiful corset online, once in your lifetime!

5. Reasonable capital
To start the business, you have to invest a reasonable amount as your starting capital. In my opinion, the capital that I contributed is much further less than starting a business with a physical shop.

*Credit photo to Google Images

6. Business mentors
In this business, there are mentors/leaders to guide you each step along the way. We hold on to this formula of Knowledge + Action + Refer = Success!!!

*Credit photo to Naa Kamaruddin

7. SUPERBRANDS product
This Premium Beautiful corset is of high quality, safe and is in very high demand. Thus, it makes it easier to sell it.

*Credit photo to Google Images

8. Easy Marketing Plan
The company provides an interesting and flexible marketing plan for you to choose from. They are easy to follow and duplicate.

Part of our Marketing Plan

9. Other incentives
Free Trips 3 times a year (5-star treatment), Car Fund, Bonuses which includes SM Bonus, Wawasan Bonus and CDM Overriding Bonus and a lot more!

2012 Trip to Vietnam
*Credit photo to Naa Kamaruddin

2012 Trip to Holland and Belgium
*Credit photo to Hanis Haizi

2012 Trip to Guangzhou
*Credit photo to Naa Kamaruddin

CDM Hanis and her hubby Raz with their BMW :D
*Credit photo to Hanis Haizi

On the left are Hanis and Raz, centre is Naa's Baby B and on the right are Naa and her hubby Ashraf 
*Credit photo to Naa Kamaruddin

10. Well established company
Hai-O Marketing Sdn Bhd has been around in Malaysia for 20 years now. I believe it's well established and it's a strong company.

*Credit photo to Hai-O Marketing

11. This is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme
 This business is purely based on your effort, the more effort you put in, the more rewards you'll receive!

*Credit photo to Google Images

12. Successful online entrepreneurs!!!
They have succeeded! What about YOU! What are you waiting for?

In my honest opinion, I don't think this business is difficult to operate. I don't have to knock on every door and use direct selling method or get chased off by people for annoying them. I just use Facebook, Blog and Instagram. And the most important thing is, you have to allow yourself to be coached and guided, seek relevant knowledge, take actions and always refer to your mentors. See!! It's not that hard! Just like me, when I initially stated the business...everything was and still is being taught to us from A to Z. In the end, it all depends on your intention, determination and efforts. The BEST thing about it is that when I joined this business, I received ONE SET of Premium Beautiful corset for FREE for my own use!

Believe in Yourself!

Be a part of this beautiful journey now!

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