Monday, 11 February 2013

4 Years Ago Today :(


Today marks the 4th year of our mother's demise. I still remember clearly the last few minutes before you went to meet Him. You were in the ICU unit and all the machines around you were beeping, we were reciting surah Yassin with tears running down our cheeks. Exactly Isya' time at 8.40 pm, you left us and went to meet your Creator. There are no words to describe how much we truly miss you. We long for your presence, your voice, your laughter and most importantly your doa. How I wish you could still recite doa for us and your grandchildren. Allah loves you more than we do and to Him you return. InsyaAllah, we shall see you when the time comes...till then, we love you so much Mummy! Al fatihah...

Our late Mummy, Lily Mastura

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