Saturday, 16 February 2013

Hanis Haizi in Nona Magazine


Before going off to bed...I just have to blog about this! I posted a photo on my Instagram yesterday when I found out that the Nona Magazine's March issue is finally out...

My caption for the post was: "Let's live your dream!
Am so getting a copy of #nona #magazine #march issue 2moro!
My #celebrity #mentor CDM #hanishaizi is being featured in it!
Kudos @hanis! You did it again & again! Congrats! 
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And today, I finally managed to get hold of a copy...Yeay!!!

Gracing the cover for the March issue are Fauziah Latiff (Gee) and Rita Rudaini ;D

Hanis Haizi's story was featured in the Gaya Hidup section of the magazine with the title "I AM LIVING MY DREAM"!

"Wow, she have a really good taste!"
-Fiezreen Ahmad

Hanis Haizi looking stunning while posing in a beige dress with red applique flower details designed by Dato' Radzuan Radziwill ;)

The Ascott, Kuala Lumpur which has become one of her family's favorite spot for a weekend getaway was chosen as the photo shoot location for this spread ;D

The beginning of the article tells the readers Hanis Haizi's background in this business. Being the founder of Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (GLAM), Hanis motivates, encourages and guides her proteges to succeed just like her too.

Hanis Haizi with a part of her shoes collection ;D

She's also popular for being called the 'Six figure lady!' What's that? You need to get a copy of Nona Magazine March issue to find out! ;P

Hanis Haizi with her handbag collection! *faints*

Here Hanis explained more about her fashion sense, style and lifestyle ;)

"Saya gemar memakai pakaian yang jarang dipakai oleh orang lain, saya sukakan kelainan."
This black dress has 45 panel wings and is inspired by Christian Dior, designed by Dato' Radzuan Radziwill ;)

The final section of the article is where Hanis gave some advise for women out there. This one is a must-read!

"Wanita harus senantiasa menjaga penampilan. This is the people's first impression towards us!"

This is not the first time that Hanis is being featured in a magazine. Previously, she was featured twice in Hijabista September 2012 issue, Nur magazine, Berita Harian and Nona magazine. You can read my post about it here.

Not to forget, she has also made tv appearances. Last year in December, she appeared on a slot called 'Bella Society' from the Bella show on ntv7. The same week she appeared on Safiyya on tv9 in a slot called 'minat & hobi Si Obses Mengumpul'. I made a blog entry about that too here.

I am so inspired by all of her stories! InsyaAllah, with the right guidance and perseverance...I will make it too. The sky is no limit. I always tell myself, "No matter what happens, just don't give up! and I always have Allah to turn to."

So far, Alhamdulillah...I am thankful that this Premium Beautiful business has provided me with the opportunity to meet inspiring people that are setting good examples like Hanis Haizi and Naa Kamaruddin. With their guidance and encouragement, insyaAllah...I will experience the same success. Amin.

What about YOU?




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