Monday, 18 February 2013

Hello Melaka!


Attention to those in Melaka! I will be coming there real soon!

Melaka holds a very special place in my heart. I bet most of my readers didn't know this. My grandparents used to reside in Melaka, to be specific near Kem Terendak. 

I spent my Darjah 6 and Form 1 in SRK Kem Terendak 1 and SMK Kem Terendak respectively. My late grandpa was in the army back then. When he retired, he went on to pursue a business which was called 'Harun General Contractor'. I miss my grandpa :(

Anyways, I will be there on the dates mentioned in the photo above. Do feel free to call me and ask anything about the business or products. I'd be happy to respond to your queries.

See you in Melaka peeps!

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