Thursday, 21 February 2013

I'm a MEAT Girl!


Yes, I just love MEAT! Beef and lamb are my favorite meat!  I love them even more as compared to chicken...but I had no idea that meat had more toxins, fatty acids and contaminants as compared to chicken. Here's what happened when I purified minced meat the other day using the Biozone Food Purifier. Take a look at this!

This was only a few minutes after I switched on the Biozone Food Purifier
More 'bubbles' started to appear!
Now the bowl is filled with 'bubbles'!
The 'bubbles' even went over the bowl. This goes to show that meat contains more toxins, fatty acids, contaminants and chemicals
Would you like to eat this? Knowing that you didn't purify your food, this is what you consume everyday. It's happily sitting in your body

If you care about your family's health, make it a priority to purify your food first. Biozone Food Purifier is easy to use. Just turn it on according to the desired setting.

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