Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Kaisara Lily is 1!


Yes, my dear little Kaisara Lily turned 1 on 22nd February 2013! Alhamdulillah! Rasa macam tak percaya that I gave birth to her a year ago. Rasa macam pengalaman tu baru je rasa. This year, her 1st birthday was on a Friday ;D Hari Jumaat, penghulu segala hari.

Hubs and I decided that we should celebrate her birthday malam Jumaat tu. Kalau nak tunggu exact time she was born rasanya tak dapat kot because she would've fallen asleep by that time. Mind you, she came into this world at 1.59 am ;)

We noticed that she was getting sleepy around 9.30pm that night. I've informed hubs earlier that day to get her a cupcake and a candle in order for us to celebrate her birthday with the three of us. Later that afternoon, hubs told me that he couldn't find any and he settled with two slices of red velvet cake with mini macaroons on top of them.

Here's how we celebrated Kaisara's first birthday that night...

When she first laid eyes on her cake ;D

Kaisara is getting all excited to get up!

She looks as if she wanted to eat the candle...whenever she wants to show something now, she'll just point to it ;)

Giving a BIG BLOW for her candle! And she's ready to eat...omnomnom ;P

And of course, the birthday girl gets the first bite!

Her progress so far at the age of one...she has 6 teeth, she's learning to walk by holding on to things, she's speaking baby language like "ma ma ma ma pa pa pa pa" and she babbles a lot (I guess she got that from me...haha), she prefers to sleep with me and eat with hubs...bila Papa suap makan, bukan main lagi dia...siap peluk-peluk cium Papa lagi ;P Bila tidur dengan Mama pula, siap golek-golek sana sini and kalau boleh nak masuk dalam perut Mama balik pun ada!

According to MIL, Kaisara ni ikut Papa...lambat sikit nak jalan. Papa dulu jalan masa usia 1 tahun 3 bulan. We do train her to walk by holding one of her hands but she babbles while doing so indicating that she's scared to walk without clinging on to things or either of us. She loves her cartoon and specifically the Hi-5 show, she would sit still watching it. She enjoys her playtime too but prefer to hit the TV with a remote and pays full attention to small things like a box or cube to play with.

She loves her music...every time pegang something mesti nak ketuk benda tu so that it'll make a sound. And lately ni, Kaisara pandai clap clap sampai ada sound keluar. Before this clap clap tapi tak buka tangan, clap clap masa dia genggam tangan...huhuhu

Everywhere we go, people often say she looks 100% like hubby. Dah anak dia kot, mesti la muka macam dia ;P Masa awal-awal dulu I terasa juga orang cakap macam tu, tapi dah lama-lama rasa tu dah tak ada. I just feel blessed, Alhamdulillah that I have a child...WE HAVE A CHILD. Orang-orang tua kata "Kalau anak perempuan ikut muka ayah, sejuk rumahtangga". Tapi sejuk, suam or panas rumahtangga tu, diri kita sendiri dan suami yang tentukan. We both have to play our roles, responsibilities and compromise in all matters, InsyaAllah ;D

To our dear Kaisara Lily,

Mama and Papa wish you Happy 1st Birthday Sayang! We love you so much! Mama and Papa doakan Kaisara menjadi seorang anak yang solehah, yang mentaati kedua ibu bapa dan menghormati orang lain. Mama and Papa doakan Kaisara menjadi muslimah yang beriman, bertaqwa, berilmu, beramal dan soleh. Mama and Papa juga doakan Kaisara berjaya di dunia dan akhirat. Aamiin.

P.S. Oh, yes! We celebrated more of her birthday by going to a mini family holiday in Melaka. I will blog about that soon, InsyaAllah ;) Stay tuned!


  1. happy birthday dear lil K! haha uncle eimal :)

    1. Kaisara kata "Thank you Uncle Eimal! Bila nak belanja Kaisara nih? ;P"



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