Thursday, 7 February 2013

Say Hello to Aref Gibril!


Am truly sorry for the lack of updates on le blog. Have been a little bit busy this past week waiting for the arrival of a new family member. I would like to introduce to my blog readers my new nephew...Aref Gibril bin Ahmad Farid;D

Fresh from the oven! He was delivered yesterday, 6th February 2013 at 3.36 pm. He weighs 3.34kg and was delivered normally at the 36th week of my sister's pregnancy

This was taken last night when we visited Aref Gibril at Pusrawi Hospital, Kuala Lumpur ;) Just look at his cheeks! Super gebu and merah-merah, tembam habis baby nih ;P

I've been busy transforming the moses basket for him. Previously, when my sister gave birth to her first son, the moses basket was decked out in blue...suitable for a boy. Then when it was my time to give birth, I had a girl...Kaisara. I had to transform the moses basket so that it would suit a girl. I used Hello Kitty and polkadot prints like this photo below:

Very pink and very orange, right? And very girly too! ;D

It took me 2 whole days to transform it into this:

I used stripes this time and polkadots again...hehe. The main colors are teal, brown and green. Very neutral, right?

Now the moses basket has transformed into a 'gender friendly' basket. It can be used by both a baby boy or baby girl. There's no need for me to change it anymore after this if either my sister or myself have a baby girl or baby boy.

And yes, I made it myself. No professional services were involved ;P It involved some hand sewing and machine sewing. All in the name of love for my family. I had fun doing it and I even had friends asking me if I'd do it professionally...I mean like a business. I said, "Nah, maybe not!" I have my Premium Beautiful business and for now, this is suffice ;)

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