Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Why Do I Need Business Partners?


Why do you need business partners? Why can't you just sell Premium Beautiful corset? Why do you have to do networking?

Why do you think KFC, McDonald's, A&W, Subway or any other businesses have branches? Each branch is being managed by a different company. If you take a look at the receipt from McDonald's, you'll notice the name of the company that manages it...this is called Franchise Marketing or Networking.

Networking is important to fulfill the demands of the market. Let's say for example, Subway is only available in Kuala Lumpur, how do people from Kelantan want to enjoy sandwiches from Subway? They have to travel all the way to Kuala Lumpur? Therefore, this franchise is opened to cater the request and fulfill the demands of these people.

The same goes to this Premium Beautiful Business! Demand is tremendously high no matter what people say! Yup, it's true! Even doctors suggest Premium Beautiful to their patients! Why? Because once you've tried wearing PB, you'll feel the difference as compared to other corsets especially in terms of comfort ;D

In my case, I work in Kuala Lumpur. If I have a client outside from Kuala Lumpur, it'll be hard for me to entertain her/him. Let's say if I have a client from Singapore, I have to travel all the way to Singapore just to take her measurements...that's crazy! So, this is where business partners or networking comes in!

Call it whatever you want...leader-partners but you have to remember that this is YOUR OWN BUSINESS! The leader guides and coaches you how to handle this business especially in Green Leaders Group where we use the internet. We tackle the market using Facebook, Blog, Instagram, Twitter and etc.

This is TEAMWORK! I'm not looking for business partners to expand my group just because I want a huge bonus! Yes, it's true...I'll be receiving some commission but still, if you have 100 business partners and you fail to train won't go anywhere!

Look at the best example...Hanis Haizi. She has produced many great leaders from her business. At the recent company's anniversary celebration, you can take a look at how many people from Green Leaders Group that went on stage and received their awards for achieving the highest rank in this business. They all have the same rank like her and a few are already earning 6-figure income from this business just like her ;)

*Credit photo to Hanis Haizi

Only if you do this business! ;)

The purpose of this entry is just to make clear what  franchise marketing is. It is not a pyramid system. If it's a pyramid system, you'll only see your leader during big events. During class, appointment with a client or whenever you are down...they'll disappear. 

I have experienced how my leader, Naa Kamaruddin and even Hanis Haizi herself guide and coach me from zero until NOW. They never abandon me through ups and downs.

With franchise marketing, we are not only expanding our business but we are also showing the way for people to take up the opportunity and enjoy the same success!


- Outstanding products
- Brand name recognition
- Hands-on training

Let's make money and have fun while doing it!

Don't hesitate...make your first step TODAY!


  1. Hye lily...da buat bisness cute macam muke hery..send my regards to him ya...follow me back ya...

    1. Hai Suri! Dah lama tak jumpe..hehe ;) A'ah, alhamdulillah...ada rezeki nak buat bisnes. Suri jomla join bisnes ni sekali...mmg best!! Hehe, thanks Suri...sume kata muka Kaisara mcm muka Khairi. Ok, I will. Thanks for dropping my blog ya dear!

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