Monday, 25 March 2013

Kick off your Monday Morning with this!


Good morning peeps! I arrived quite early at the office this morning. Since it's the school holidays, the traffic is so kind ;D

Thinking of how to start your day today? Why not watch these videos! It reminded me of how much I miss London. InsyaAllah, will be going there again one day ;)

Our group, Green Leaders Group went to London and Paris for 10 days which was a fully sponsored trip by the Company. They overcome challenges during their trip to Paris with the heavy snow and all. In the end, they safely arrived Alhamdulillah and had a blast! Enjoy!

GLAMpreneurs in London

GLAMpreneurs in Paris

Harlem Shake GLAM in London and Paris ;D

Best kan?!

Jom pergi Shanghai ramai-ramai for our next trip!!!

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