Saturday, 27 April 2013

It's all because of them...


I apologize for the long hiatus on my blog. Work seems to be piling and I always get tired most of the time. Nonetheless, Alhamdulillah I'm back! InsyaAllah, will be making more appearances virtually on this blog of mine.

I just got home about half an hour ago from attending GLAM class in TTDI. I'm really glad that I attended this time as the topic was really interesting and it was something that I ought to learn and master in this beautiful business.

Just thought of sharing this post with my loyal readers out there. Recently, I've been approached by friends and colleagues asking me the same question over and over again but I never got tired of giving the same answer.

Here's how the conversation sorta went:

Friend - "Hey, Lily! You buat bisnes ape eh? Ada pulak tu masa nak buat bisnes? You kan kerje? Tak penat ke, kerja..buat bisnes..jaga anak, masak, kemas rumah..."

My respond - The only reason I'm doing this business is because of them...











Because I want my child to have a good education, I want my child to have savings by the time she gets older, I want to get the best things in life for her, I only want the best for her.

I want to help my husband in terms of our family's finance, I do not want to burden him, I want to make him happy, I want to ease his work load, I want the best for him.

I love them both dearly. They are my backbones, without them both...I may not be the person that I am today. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for blessing me with these two people. All that I ask from You is that you give me the strength and health so that I am able to make them happy by giving them the best I can. And the best I can do for now is giving all I have in doing this business, Aamiin.

Clearly, I joined this business bukan untuk suka-suka or sebagai hobby. I'm doing this for my family and I love what I'm doing. I'm thankful that hubby gave his full support when I initially started. We give and take. Both of us have to make sacrifices...for a better future.

Kalau bukan sekarang bila lagi?

Kalau bukan untuk keluarga, untuk siapa lagi?

Fikir-fikirkanlah wahai teman-temanku, peluang hanya datang sekali dalam seumur hidup...inilah masanya untuk kita mengambil langkah pertama dan mula berubah, insyaAllah...setiap usaha itu pasti ada hasilnya ;D

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