Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Diamond Night 2013


It has been a while but Alhamdulillah I'm back. How's everyone doing? Am super excited for this entry on Diamond Night, aren't you?

Last Saturday, the Company held an event called Diamond Night to celebrate those who have achieved the Diamond Sales Manager rank, Double Diamond Manager Rank and Car Fund Achievers.

It was held at The Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC) here in Seri Kembangan, quite near to our house ;) It was an event not to be missed as this was where I could imagine myself next year...going up the stage receiving my award, insyaAllah...Aamiin.

Diamond Night started as early as 7pm. Weeks before the actual date itself, I had no idea what I was going to wear. Being a woman, this so usual of us, right? Hehe...

A few months before June, I had been eyeing on Rizalman for Zalora collection and this Red Peplum Kurung instantly caught my attention! It was as if the kurung was screaming "Purchase me!" What an imagination I had..huhu. Unfortunately, I decided not to purchase it straight away...I didn't know what got into me...I decided to pay attention to other things and forget about the Red Peplum Kurung for a while.

If you can recall my post here, I mentioned something about hubs getting me a present for my birthday but it didn't arrived at my office not until 2 weeks before Diamond Night. Well, it arrived safely on 13th June. And I was gobsmacked by it, in a good way of course! I peeked into the Zalora Orange box and found something Red! That was it, I decided not to open the whole thing at the office and waited till I reached home.

I was overly excited when I got home, took the whole thing out and found out that it was Rizalman for Zalora Red Ingrid Peplum Kurung that I've been eyeing on previously. Thank you hubs! Thank you so much, it's a wonderful birthday present.

Dress is settled, next was shawl and accessories. Managed to get them all a few days before Diamond Night. To make a long story short, I was supposed to get ready by 7pm. But my make up artist (MUA) showed up at my house rather late, one and a half hours to be specific. I almost wanted to cancel my MUA but I didn't. It took my MUA half an hour to doll my face up. I quickly styled my hijab and left the house in a hurry at 8pm.

Hubs and I arrived at MIECC around 8.20pm and I went to look for my fellow business partner Akhma Hanim. We found her and immediately took this photo using my Ip5 ;)

Us before we entered the hall ;)

MIB = Men in Business! From L-R: Syed (Akhma's hubby), Ashraf (Naa's hubby) and Hairie (My hubby)

We then went inside the hall, looked for our table number and settled in ;)

While waiting for the Diamond Night to officially begin :)

Diamond Night Dinner Menu

It's a Muhibbah Dinner Menu..hehe

A few minutes after the event kicked off, CDM Naa Kamaruddin came over to all of her business partners table for a photography session. Here's ours!

The Diamond Night started off with the Award for Car Fund Achievers followed by Award for Double Diamond Managers. Then it was time for us GLAMpreneurs to get together for a group photo ;)

Before the GLAM group photo, here's a must have shot with my gorgeous mentor of Beautiful Circles, CDM Naa Kamaruddin. Naa was wearing a Radzuan Radziwill's creation, simply stunning!

Another must have photo is with our Celebrity Mentor, the beautiful CDM Hanis Haizi. The masterminds behind GLAM are Hanis and her hubby CDM Razali Zain.

Hanis' dress is inspired by Zuhair Murad, designed by none other than Radzuan Radziwill ;) Elegant and beautiful!

Can you spot me? Hehe ;) We were waiting for directions on where and how we should line up for the GLAM group photo

Since the escalator stopped, all of us GLAMpreneurs went up and managed to find a spot each for the GLAM group photo. Hubs didn't manage to capture the full photo as there were too many photographers in front of him...ngee

Akhma Hanim, Naa Kamaruddin and Lily Marliza ;)
Thank you Naa for guiding us since Day 1 of this business. We truly appreciate your words of encouragement, advise, support and your willingness to coach us. We will try our very best insyaAllah and one thing for sure is that we will never give up!

With my love, backbone, numero uno supporter in life and in this business...hubs, Hairie Nakamurie. Thanks yang for being there with me through all my ups and downs.

Naa Kamaruddin's Beautiful Circles with Hanis Haizi!
Together Everyone Achieve More ;)

Yes, my feet hurt! Need to take them heels off before my feet are numb...hehe
Here's my outfit for that day:

Red Ingrid Peplum Kurung by Rizalman for Zalora
Exclusive Red Lace Shawl by SarisCouture
Black studded heels from Carlo Rino
Black Sequin Clutch from Bonita

We're off now, I'll see you soon!

Overall, hubs and I really enjoyed ourselves at the Diamond Night. InsyaAllah, next year will be my turn! To all the Diamonds and Car Fund Achievers especially from GLAM, a BIG Congratulations goes out to you!! Well done!!

For those of you out there who are still wondering or thinking of starting a business, you have arrived at the right starting point. Take this opportunity now to give yourself a chance and you can see how far you'll go. You'll not only improve your life but also the lives of your loved ones.

Currently, we have an offer till 30th June 2013 that you can't resist...are you interested to earn RM4,700 as your first business bonus? Are you interested to join a free trip to Australia? Are you looking for that extra money for Hari Raya? Just PM me to find out more about this amazing offer!!!

Till then...Think Positive, Be Beautiful and Stay GLAM!!!

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