Thursday, 11 July 2013

Dynamic Entrepreneurs Program!


Salam Ramadhan. How's your Ramadhan so far? Alhamdulillah, we're doing okay for the moment...including Kaisara. She enjoys her trips to the Ramadhan Bazaar ;)

I hope it's not too late for me to share this post with you about the Dynamic Entrepreneurs Program (DEP) that we had last Sunday.

I know it sounds kinda' crazy, waking up early on a Sunday morning to attend a seminar but then again...Crazy People Make Crazy Money!

The DEP started as early as 8.30 am for registration. I left my house around 7.45 am and took my fellow business partner Akhma in Bandar Sri Permaisuri, she came all the way from Penang. "Jarak bukan alasan untuk berjaya dalam bisnes!"

Arrived at Bukit Kiara Country Club before 8.30 am and had our breakfast. And we quickly registered, settled down and couldn't wait for the DEP to begin!

That's my ticket for the Program and a handout given by the organizer, none other than our Company...Hai O Marketing Sdn Bhd :)

Waiting for the DEP to begin!

A part of GLAM's CDMs on stage for the opening song ;)

That our GM, Mr Teoh giving his opening speech!

We were very honored to have Mr Winston Wong as our guest speaker for the DEP. He's the No. 1 Network Marketing Trainer in Asia and is the author of "The Misunderstood Industry - Network Marketing".

Look at the whiteboard in the background, that's about 27 reasons that people common use as excuses not to start this business :(

It's all about YOU!!!

We had a break for lunch and Zohor prayers. Lunch was awesome as we enjoyed our food by the poolside..hehe. Performed our solat and the DEP continued with the second session. This was where we got all excited as the Company was shooting their International Corporate Video...and us GLAMpreneurs were a part of it!!!

Had a short break for tea around 4.00 pm and finished off the last session just before 6.00 pm. After that it was time for a photography session!

That's Akhma, my fellow business partner and I trying our luck to take our photo using the mirror image...ngee

With none other than our beautiful mentor CDM Naa Kamaruddin , we are so blessed to have a mentor like her. She gives us all her best, encourages us to keep moving on and to never give up. This is the hand that has been guiding us from the very beginning.

A group photo with our beautiful Mommy, CDM Naa Kamaruddin ;)

A must-have shot with our gorgeous Celebrity Mentor, CDM Hanis Haizi...the GLAM founder, six-figure lady, hijab fashionista, business mogul...yup she's all that and MORE!!

Last but not least, a group photo of GLAMpreneurs together with Mr Winston Wong!

Thank you Hai O for organizing such an event for us GLAMpreneurs. We're so honored and blessed to have a very good support system from the Company. The DEP has helped us a lot in many me personally, it was an eye opener!!! I'm glad I made the right choice to start this business and to attend DEP. What about YOU???

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