Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Syawal Day 2 with Premium Beautiful!


I'm back!!! Hehe ;) Yes, currently little Kaisara is feeling under the weather...she asleep right now and we're hoping that her temperature will decrease quickly insyaAllah.

Today's post will be on how we celebrated Syawal Day 2. To be honest this post will not be as lengthy as my previous post. Why you ask? Well, for starters...2nd day of Eid was when we travel all the way to Pekan, Pahang which is my dad's kampung. Kampung Pulau Jawa to be specific.

We didn't make any pit stop anywhere cause we felt that we didn't need to. Little Kaisara slept throughout the 3-hour journey while I fell asleep occasionally..ahaha. Poor hubs, driving all by himself ;P

Anyhoots, we left Pilah quite late that day...around 12.30 noon. But before we leave, it's a must to have our photos taken first..huhu

Our theme for Syawal Day 2 was Pink and Grey!

Okay now we stand up!

Then off we went and started our journey. Since we were in Negeri Sembilan, it was better kalau guna jalan dalam. Should be nearer and less traffic. From Kuala Pilah town, lalu Bandar Seri Jempol and tembus dekat Muadzam. Straight je jalan tu, then sampai la ke Paloh Hinai, ada simpang ke Pekan. We've been using this road for 3 years now. Alhamdulillah, jalan memang tak jam. Cumanya it's a small road, jalan dua hala...memang end up banyak aksi potong memotong but we did it very carefully ;)

Arrived at my dad's kampung around 3.45 pm. Sangatlah lapar...huhu. Settled down kejap and had late lunch, alhamdulillah. Kaisara was super busy eating Maruku. Bagi nasi tak nak makan. Then we just spent the rest of the day resting and relaxing while waiting for the arrival of my sister's family all the way from Kuala Kedah.

Hubs fell asleep while I took care of Kaisara. This is the third time Kaisara balik Pekan. Tahun ni balik dah pandai jalan, banyak benda baru nak explore kat kampung ni. 

She found her Uncle Haqqan's truck! Bila jumpa toys orang lain busy nak main, toys sendiri kat rumah tak nak la pula ;P

Then she found a guitar. Her first encounter with a guitar..hehe. Dekat rumah ada Ukelele jer, itu pun dah lama tak main :P

Kaisara didn't sit still of course. Kejap lari ke sana, kejap lari ke sini. I had to keep up with her especially when she was running towards the kitchen. Sebab rumah Tok ni ada tangga kalau nak turun ke dapur and ke pintu depan. Takut dia lari terus tergolek jatuh nanti susah. Better be safe kan. Punya lah Kaisara tak nak sleep langsung petang tu sebab dah sleep lama dalam kereta.

I kept WeChatting with my sister tanya dia dekat mana. And her last answer was "Maybe sampai Pekan kul 8 mlm". Lambatnya! Sementara tu, bawa Kaisara turun bawah main dekat laman where she can run freely.

Happy sungguh dia sebab dapat bebas berlari ;) Main sampai berpeluh-peluh pun ada..huhu

Dah dekat nak Maghrib, masing-masing naik mandi and prepare for Solat. By the time pukul 8 pm, my sister still tak sampai-sampai lagi. WeChat dia lagi tanya...and she replied "Maybe sampai pukul 10 pm". Lagi lambat!!

We ended up having dinner first and Kaisara terus tidur lepas dinner. Agaknya penat sangat main petang tu. 


Sampai I pun tertidur tunggu my sister sampai. Last-last she arrived at 11.30 pm. Alhamdulillah, selamat juga sampai. Dia sampai pun lapar, terus makan...settled down, cleaned up and went to bed. Dah lewat malam and semua orang dah penat, the next day tu baru pergi beraya satu family.

Oh ya! My Instagram pic of us three was reposted by the designer herself Mazlianul Maznan...tee he. Thank you Maz!! Super love all your designs!!

Our small happy family!

See, told you that this post was not that long. But I'm super excited for my next post as this was where we had a family photo shoot at the beach. Can't wait to share the pics with all of you. In the meantime, keep calm and drink Mineral Coffee kay. You can purchase them from me :) And by drinking/selling Mineral Coffee, you can travel to Gold Coast, Australia for FREE!!! You can PM me to find out how!!

What I wore: Premium Beautiful Corset, Pink and Grey Mermaid Kurung by Mazlianul Maznan, Grey Bawal Shawl which I purchased from a Downtown market and my usuals...Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Bandouliere and Fit Flops.

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