Monday, 19 August 2013

Syawal Day 3 with Premium Beautiful!


If you haven't read my previous posts, here are Part 1 and Part 2. And this post is Part 3..hehe. On the third day of Eid, we had breakfast as usual and hang around Tok's house and waited till it was time for us to attend an open house.

It was quite nearby actually but we were definitely looking forward to the food..huhu. We arrived at Pok Su Mat's inlaws' house. Pok Su is Daddy's youngest sibling. When we got out from the car, we could smell DURIAN!!! Superb la, ada Durian open house ni ;)

My favorite dish had to be Ikan Patin Tempoyak! Sedap sangat-sangat. Dah lama tak makan Ikan Patin, sekali dapat makan masa Raya...memang rezeki for the whole family, Alhamdulillah. Then of course la makan Durian :)

Cute Kaisara Lily ;)

Handsome Adel Mikail!

Sleepy Aref Gibril zzz...

Selepas kekenyangan, instead of going back to Tok's house we decided to go to the beach for a mini family photo shoot. We requested Daddy to lead the way as we didn't remember the roads well. My nephew Adel Mikail insisted on going to 7-E for Slurpee but we told him that we'd go to the beach first and then 7-E later.

Some of the pics that we took at the beach...

That's Adel Mikail, yours truly while holding Kaisara Lily :)

That's us!

All cheerful!

Senyum lebar sungguh masing-masing ;P

Smile :)

Dah macam-macam aksi dah, kejap senget, kejap tegak, kejap duduk, kejap diri...macam-macam

Here's Daddy, BIL, my sister, nephews Adel Mikail and little Aref Gibril. That Adel Mikail mesti nak buat pose pelik ;P

See! Mesti nak main tangan tu kat mulut kalau tengah nak ambil gambar ;P

Turn kita orang pula! That's hubs, Daddy, yours truly and Kaisara Lily ;)

It was very challenging to get Kaisara to smile...she had no idea what was going on

Cheeky Adel & Grandpa ;)

Kaisara refuses to give the camera a smile ;(

Kaisara: Sodap la garu telingo nih ha!

Sorang tak mau smile, sorang lagi busy dengan camera

Yang ini baru lah dua-dua nak pandang camera :)

Cousins! February babies ;)

Yup, those were some of the pics that we managed to snap at the beach. Last time ambil gambar dekat pantai ni was 2 or 3 years ago. Agak dah lama juga. We had fun shooting our family portrait.

And of course we did go to 7-E and got Adel his Slurpee as promised. Kaisara pula bila sampai rumah Tok dah tak nak sleep, nak main saje.

My little Mak Cik ;P

What I wore: Premium Beautiful Corset, Alicia Dress by Zawara, Pari Pari Shawl in Navy Blue, Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Bandouliere & Fit Flops ;)

Managed to get a repost from I Love Tudung too!


Okay peeps, that's about it for this post. I have one last post about Syawal to share with you. It'll be about Syawal Day 4 where we arrived in my kampung, Kota, Negeri Sembilan...where my late mother was born. Stay tuned dearies! See you soon, insyaAllah ;)

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