Sunday, 22 September 2013

New Blog Layout!


Have been receiving emails and PM on why some of you, yes YOU my loyal readers couldn't access my blog on Saturday night until Sunday morning. Well, it was very short notice...I decided to change the theme and made it private for a short while.

Well now...viola!!! How are you liking the new theme? Do drop your comments kay. I welcome them very much ;) 

Why make the change now? Well, I felt like I need to. And I was getting bored of the old theme. Liking this new clean, classic black and white layout :)

A short update...hmmm, Kaisara is not feeling well. Went to the doc's this morning and we found out that she has tonsillitis, sore throat, cough and a little bit of flu. She has tonsillitis just like me. My dad told me that I used to have fever every month since I was a baby due to my tonsils.

Do keep Kaisara in your prayers for a speedy recovery okay. All I can do in return is to pray to Allah to bless you for your kindness, and protect shaa Allah. Do stay tune for my upcoming post okay peeps! Till then...


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